The Biggest YouTube Marketing Mistake (and how to avoid it)

Are you struggling to grow your YouTube Channel?
Do you want to get more views and subscribers?

In the video below you’ll discover the biggest marketing
mistake most beginner YouTubers make and learn several ways to avoid it.

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One of the biggest mistakes I’ve noticed with beginner YouTubers is that they haven’t clearly defined the purpose bi their channel.

They film a video, cupload it to YouTube and hope it gets thousands of views. When it receives little or no Iviews they get discouraged and give up or say YouTube doesn’t work as a vehicle for driving traffic to your business.

This is absolutely untrue.

My Story

I’ve been creating and uploading videos to YouTube for several years. The result is that videos I uploaded years ago still help build my list and generate sales on autopilot. That means you do the work once and get paid over and over for years to come. I’ve also helped many people build andv grow their channels from all different niches|

Here’s how YouTube can work for you…

1. Traffic generating machine
YouTube is a traffic generating machine. Over 5 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube. If you know how to tap into that traffic you’ll be able to market your products and services successfully.

2. Search engine
YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Net after Google and it’s owned by Google. That means if people are searching online for answers or solutions to a problem in your market, then YouTube marketing will help you build your list and your business.

The key is to optimize your videos correctly so they automatically attract viewers into your marketing funnel. This will then build your list, generate new leads and gain new customers.

3. Converts views into customers
The primary purpose of your YouTube videos is not to get views. You may get 1000s of views but if they don’t convert them into new leads and customers then you’ll never grow your business.

The primary purpose of your YouTube videos is drive viewers into your marketing funnel so you can build your list and recommend people to purchase your products and services.

What does success on YouTube look like?

The true measure of your success on YouTube should be measured by how many leads and sales your videos generate not by how many views your videos get.

You don’t have to necessarily upload a ton of videos or get 1000s of views. The average YouTube video gets less than 100 views. For example I have several videos I uploaded several years ago that continually generate traffic, leads and sales. People constantly find them by entering their keyword phrase in the search engines.

I have other videos that continually promote my own products, service and affiliate products.

Here’s how to clearly define the purpose of your channel
Ask yourself these questions…

  • What products and/or services do you wish to sell?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What problems do they have that I have solutions for?
  • If I was a viewer would I be compelled to watch my video until the end?
  • Would I want to share this video with my friends on social media?
  • Would I be motivated to join my list and/or purchase my product or service?

Here’s how to create rengaging videos

If you answered “no” to the 3 previous questions then create videos that engage your audience from the beginning.

Grab your viewers attention in the first 10 seconds of your video by promising a benefit (your viewer is thinking “what’s in it for me?”) This will compel them to continue watching the video so they can receive the benefit you promised.

You should also outline the benefits of sharing the video with their friends, joining your list and subscribing to your channel.

Make use of strong calls-to-action that tell your viewers what you want them to do, how to do it, and make it easy for them to do it. For example, if you want them to join your list say something like “Click the card icon to download my video upload checklist, you’ll learn the 10 things you need to do before going live on YouTube.”

Here are some important things to keep in mind

YouTube Marketing is a marathon not a sprint.
For example your first few videos may only get a few views because you haven’t built up an audience yet. As you create and upload more videos, they’ll get found in the search engines and your traffic will begin to snowball.

Be consistent
The key is to be upload new videos on a consistent schedule that addresses the problems, needs and desires of your target audience.

Create evergreen content
Create videos with content that you know will never go out of date. If these videos rank on the first page of YouTube and/or Google they will generate traffic, leads and sales, 24/7 for years to come (without paying any employees).

Let me ask you an important question
What’s the purpose of your YouTube Channel?
Post your answer in the comments below.
I’d love to read them and others would too.

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How To Make Better YouTube Thumbnails

Do you want to attract more viewers and get more watch time on your YouTube videos?

In the video below, I’m going to share with you 5 killer tips to make better YouTube thumbnails that will get viewers to click on them. I’ll also share three tools to easily create your thumbnails, examples of good thumbnails from other YouTubers and some very important things to keep in mind when making your thumbnails.

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So what makes a good eye catching thumbnail?

1. Choose an image that describes your video.
During the filming of a video, take shots that you can use later on for your thumbnails. Each video deserves a unique thumbnail.

2. Design an image that motivates your viewers to click on it.
Make sure you use a high resolution images so your thumbnail displays clearly at all sizes and all screens. Your thumbnail image should have a resolution of 1280×720 pixels. Check out other thumbnails on YouTube to see if your thumbnail will stand out from the others. Consider adding branding such as your face, logo, text to make the image more interesting.

3. Tell a story with your thumbnail and title.
Make sure your thumbnail and title, tell a cohesive and compelling story about your video. Try to captivate your viewers by adding an element of intrigue, empathy or other emotion. Create a few title and thumbnail combinations and ask your friends which one would they click on.

4. Make sure your thumbnails look great at all different sizes.
Over 50% of all YouTube views now come from mobile, therefore make sure your thumbnails look great whether on a large screen or a small screen so mobile users don’t have to squint and strain to figure out what the video is all about. Make sure your font is big enough to read on small and large screens.

Here are 3 examples of well designed
thumbnails from other YouTubers.

VSAUCE makes good use of faces.
Team Edge displays a clear logo in the bottom left of their thumbnails.
Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution tells a story in their dog training thumbnails.

5. Measure the effectiveness of your YouTube thumbnails.
Go to YouTube analytics, see if your thumbnails are attracting and engaging viewers. The beauty of custom thumbnails is that you can change them at any time. Visit the audience retention report for a specific video,and examine the first 10 to 15 seconds. If you see a sudden drop off, this may mean that your video didn’t meet the expectations of the title and thumbnail combination. Consider updating the thumbnails and titles of videos that see a sudden dip in audience retention at the beginning of your video.

Here are 3 online tools to create your YouTube custom thumbnails.

1. Canva is a free online graphics tool where you can chose many different templates to create your thumbnails.
Click here to watch the video tutorial

2. TubeBuddy is a free Chrome extension where you can create thumbnails right inside your YouTube channel.
Click here to watch the video tutorial

3. YouTube Slicer is a paid thumbnail generator that allows you to easily create YouTube thumbnails from over 80 different templates.
Click here to watch the video review

Here are some important things to keep in mind when creating your YouTube thumbnails.

  • Use high contrast images
  • Use complementary colors
  • Pick an image that intrigues
  • Make sure your text is clear and bold
  • Consider branding your thumbnails
  • Add a logo or image so it’s clear that the thumbnail belongs to your channel
  • Upload custom thumbnails for videos that don’t have one
  • Replace your old designed thumbnails with newly designed thumbnails so your video gets more clicks
  • Continually test, experiment and analyze to make better thumbnails

Let me ask you an important question
Are you happy with the current design of your YouTube thumbnails?
Post your answer in the comments below. I would love to read them and others would too.

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How To Use Playlists On YouTube To Get More Views and Subscribers

Did you know that the YouTube playlist, can also rank in the search engines, resulting in more views on your channel?

In the video below, you’ll discover the top benefits of using playlists to grow your YouTube channel, the types of playlists to use, where to add them on your channel, how to create and optimize them and how to track their performance.

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Here are the top benefits of using playlists…

1. Get more traffic views and subscribers.
2. Boost session watch time.
3. Playlists also rank in search.
4. Add playlists to you social media sites. You’re going to add more videos to the multiple playlists. You can add other people’s videos to your playlists to extend session watch time.

Types of playlists

Regular palylists
With the regular playlist you can add videos to multiple playlists. For example, one particular video might relate to several playlists.

Series playlists
This is an official playlist. You can only add one video to this particular playlist. The beauty of an official playlist is that YouTube will serve the best videos based upon the browsing history of the viewer.

How do you create and optimize a playlist from scratch?

Log in to your YouTube channel homepage, click playlists, click new playlist, add a playlist title (I’ll cal this “test”), click create, click add a description, click playlist settings, set the playlist privacy to public.

Ordering – you can set it to manual, date added newest, date added oldest, most popular, date published newest, date published oldest. Or you c an check the box….”add new videos to the top of playlists.”
I’m going to select “date added newest”

Under additional options, you can set as official series for this playlist, check that box. If you hover over the question mark it says, “Use this setting for sets of videos uploaded to your channel as part of an official series. A video cannot appear in more than one series playlist. YouTube may use this information to modify how the videos are presented or discovered.”

Then allow embedding.

You can also auto-add, so you can “define rules for videos to automatically be added to this playlist.” Title contains– You can add your words to that box, the description contains or tag.

You can also click collaborate. “Collaborators can add videos to this playlist.”

Click add videos, then do a videos search. If I search for cats, I get all the videos here for cats. I can add cat videos from other channels. If I click on URL, I can add a video URL in one of my videos or I can go to “Your YouTube videos”, and I can add any of these videos from my channel to the playlist. I’ll select this one. Click “add videos” and here is a video added to my playlist. If I click on more, I can move it to the top, move it to the bottom, I can also add/edit notes.

I can add a description for this specific video which will help it to rank in the search engines. Click “set as playlist thumbnail“. That means that the thumbnail for this video will appear as a thumbnail for my playlist. Then I can just add more videos if I wish. I can add a video to the top, or I can move it to the bottom.

Where should you add playlists on your channel?

Channel Homepage.
When you add sections channels to your homepage, make sure you add your best playlist to the first section. When the viewer scrolls through your channel homepage make sure you guide them through the best content so you can get them to subscribe.

End screen.
When the viewer comes to the end of your video, you want them to continue watching more of your videos. Therefore introduce a playlist that is related to the content that they’ve just watched. This will motivate them to watch more of your videos which YouTube loves.

Add a YouTube playlist to one of your cards especially if you notice a drop-off point in YouTube analytics. If your viewer leaks your video and clicks on a YouTube playlist, in your card and continues watching more of your videos, YouTube will reward you for that.

When you write your YouTube playlist to your YouTube description, if people are scrolling down to check your description, then they will be more encouraged to watch more of the videos when they click on the YouTube playlists.

Embed on your website or blog
One of the highest ranking factors for getting your web page listed on Google is when a visitor spends more time on your web page. If you embed a YouTube playlist on your website or blog then your visitor will be more inclined to stay on that page watching more of your videos.

Add to social media sites
When you add your YouTube playlist to your social media sites, your viewers will be more inclined to watch video after video.

Here’s how to track the performance of your YouTube playlist…

Go into YouTube analytics, check playlists, scroll down to check the top ten videos of your playlist. Check the watch time and views for each video in the last 28 days. Check the gender, age, and demographics. Move the best performing videos to the top of your playlist. Your best one will have the most watch time.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when using YouTube playlists to get more views.

  • Plan ahead by thinking of a theme for your playlist, then create a series of videos that you can put in the playlist.
  • Place your strongest or best video at the top of your playlist.
  • All videos in a playlist should be relevant to each other.
  • Keep your playlists short so viewers will watch all your videos in your playlist.
  • Avoid adding a video to a playlist right away. When you first upload a video don’t add it to a playlist, instead, wait a couple of days then add it to your playlist so that it creates a new session ID.
  • Create a lot of playlists. Think of different themes that you can create for your playlist.
  • Update your playlist regularly with new content. If you got an old video that has been added to your playlist three years ago, replace it with new content that has been newly updated.

Let me ask you an important question…
How are you currently using playlists on your YouTube channel?
Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and others would too.

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Create High Converting Mobile Videos In Less Than 3 Minutes (Vidizi Review and Demo)

Do you want to increase conversions, boost sales, reduce ad costs,
and maximize your engagement on social media?

Watch the Vidizi review and demo video below

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Vidizi is cloud-based software that creates 15-second, high-quality videos to promote your products and services on social media sites.

Why 15-second videos?

According to Facebook’s Advertiser Help Center

  • Video works best on mobile when it’s short and made with mobile in mind.
  • Recent studies have proved that creating short videos of 15 seconds or less can significantly drive up video completions.
  • So if you want more people to watch to the end of your video, it’s best to make it 15 seconds or less.

Tell me more about Vidizi!

Vidizi is push button video software that lets anyone regardless of tech skills or experience create highly engaging and high converting videos for your social media and advertising.

Leveraging Facebook’s 15-second video recommendation, Vidizi is loaded with exclusive video and audio files that are 100% unique and license-free, plus you have the ability to upload your own videos and audio as well.

You can also customize the text, colors, and appearance.

Here are some of the amazing features of Vidizi

  • 100 Ready to go templates in 13 categories
  • Full commercial rights to use with clients
  • Audio and video upload capability
  • 100% HD quality videos – export in minutes
  • Customize each and every element of the video
  • Cloud-based so nothing to download
  • Create professional videos in less than 3 minutes
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Here are 2 examples of 15 second videos I created using Vidizi

How to use YouTube Playlists to get more views
Vidizi Review

Who is Vidizi for?

Video marketers
Local business marketers
Product owners
Affiliate marketers
Social media marketers
Video Ads consultants
Offline marketers (sell videos to local clients)
E-commerce store owners

What I like about Vidizi

Create high-quality videos in minutes (saves a ton of time)
Cloud-based so nothing to download or install
Can even use your own videos on YouTube
Converts videos into Gifs (if needed)
Create high converting video ads on Facebook
Create/sell these videos to local businesses

My recommendation

If you want to reach a larger audience beyond YouTube by quickly and easily creating high-quality videos for your social media sites, get your own copy of Vidizi…it will help you increase engagement, boost conversions and generate more sales.

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How To Find The Most Viewed Videos On Your YouTube Channel So You Can Create More Videos On Similar Topics

Are you creating videos that your target audience wants to watch
or only producing videos that you want to make?

Do you know which videos on your YouTube channel have received
the most views or are the most popular?

In the video below I’m going to show you how to find the most watched videos on your channel from your desktop or from your mobile app so you can create more videos your target audience wants to watch.

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Stay tuned to the end to find out how to make more videos on similar topics to one of your most popular videos on your channel. This will help you to deliver more content that your audience wants to watch.

Here are several ways to find the most viewed videos on
your channel right from your desktop.

1. Video Manager

  • Log into your YouTube account
  • Click on your video manager
  • Hover over newest
  • On the drop-down select “most viewed”
  • Here you’ll be able to see the most viewed videos on your channel in descending order

2. YouTube Analytics

  • Click analytics
  • You will be able to see your top 10 videos
  • You’ll be able to see watch time and the views and revenue
  • You’ll be able to see top geographies, gender, traffic sources and playback locations
  • If you want to drill down further to see more detailed statistics
  • Just copy the title
  • Go up to the top where overview is
  • Enter the title under Overview
  • Click on the title
  • Here it will show you watch time, views, likes, dislikes, comments top geographies and traffic sources
  • You’ll also drill down further by clicking on watch time so this will be your watch time graph
  • You’ll be able to see all the different countries
  • If you click on audience retention you will be able to see your absolute audience retention and your relative audience retention
  • If you click on demographics you’ll be able to see age gender and geography
  • Click on traffic sources and you see how much came from search, external, suggested videos etc
  • For this video most traffic comes from search

Let’s look at how to find the most viewed
videos from your YouTube App

  • Tap the YouTube app
  • Tap library
  • tap my videos
  • Tap top here
  • Tap date added newest
  • Tap most popular
  • Here you’ve got all the most popular videos

Let’s look at how to find the most viewed videos
from your YouTube Creator Studio App

  • Tap the YouTube creator studio app
  • From your dashboard tap the top left icon
  • Tap videos
  • Here you’ve got the most recent
  • Tap this icon
  • Tap most viewed
  • Here you have all the most viewed videos on your channel
  • If you want to drill deeper you can just tap on a video and it will give you the analytics
  • It’ll give you the watch time the views revenue
  • Tap “view more” it’ll give you the real-time views watch time, views, revenue, audience retention and traffic source types
  • If you tap discovery you’ll get the traffic source types, top external sources, top YouTube search terms, and top videos suggesting this video

How do you find the most popular videos on other people’s channels?

  • Let’s enter Casey Neistat in the YouTube search box
  • Click search
  • Here’s his channel
  • Click videos
  • Click on this drop-down box
  • Click what’s popular
  • Here are his most popular videos in descending order

How do you make more videos on topics similar to your most watched videos?

  • Go into YouTube analytics
  • Copy the title of one of your top 10 videos
  • Paste it into the overview box
  • Click on the title to view the results
  • Scroll down
  • Click on YouTube search
  • Now you’ll see all the keyword phrases that people have entered into their search engines to discover and watch your most viewed video
  • Listed are the first 25 keyword phrases but I have 500 to choose from
  • This means I can make 500 new videos on similar topics to one of my most popular videos
  • Now you know how to find the most watched videos on your channel and create hundreds of more videos that have similar topics to your most watched video.

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    YouTube Marketing Course at:

    How To Get Longer Watch Times On Your YouTube Videos

    Are viewers watching your videos all the way through?

    In the video below I show 5 things you can do right now
    to get longer watch times on your YouTube videos

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    Did you know that watch time is the highest ranking factor on YouTube? The longer a person watches your video the better it will perform in the search engines.

    YouTube says “If viewers are watching more YouTube it signals to us that they’re happier with the content. They’ve found it means that creators are attracting more engaged audiences. It also opens up more opportunities to generate revenue for our partners.

    If viewers stop watching your video at the beginning or in the middle of your video and leave then your videos are not going to rank well on YouTube or Google. If your videos don’t rank well, then people are not going to discover them when they enter the keyword in the search engines.

    Here are 5 ways to improve the watch time of your YouTube videos

    1. Create valuable content
    Create content you’re passionate about and solves one of the BIGGEST problems of your viewers. Once you’ve identified the problem plan out your content so it flows logically as your video proceeds.

    2. Script your video content
    This can be as simple as writing out a few bullet points so you stay on track with your line of thinking plus you lead your viewer through your content naturally. I typically create a list of all the main points that I wish to cover in my video content then expand upon them as I’m filming my video.

    3. Structure your video correctly

    Tell people what to expect right from the beginning of your video instead of leading with your logo animation which nobody really cares about tell people what to expect right from the beginning.

    For example I introduced the video above by saying “I’ll show you the 5 things you can do right now to get longer watch times on your YouTube videos.

    Only after you’ve introduced your video content should you introduce yourself and ask people to subscribe. Try to keep it real short so you don’t lose the attention of your viewers. If you can keep the attention of your viewers in the first 15 seconds of your video they’ll probably keep watching the entire video.

    Deliver the content that you promised in the intro of your video instead of just talking all the way through your video and risk losing the attention of your viewers. Try to reset the attention of your viewers by including graphics end cards, zooming in on the subject, using b-roll, video clips etc.

    Remove content that is not relevant to the topic that you’re speaking about. Also remove any ums and ahhs or mistakes that you’ve made
    while producing a video.


    • What action do you want your viewer to take while watching your video?
    • Do you want them to subscribe, watch another video or opt into your lead magnet?
    • Don’t give too many calls to action because that will result in indecision and them not doing anything.
    • Use cards and end screens for your calls to actions because these are also mobile friendly

    4. Lighting and Sound

    A poorly lit person will decrease the quality of your video. If you can’t afford or don’t have the space to set up light boxes, do your filming outside or in front of a window. I use 3 softboxes to light up the background and myself while filming videos.

    For two years I used a $20.00 lapel microphone and thought the sound was fine. When I purchased and started using the Rode
    Smartlav+ microphone my sound vastly improved.

    5. Keep improving
    Keep an eye on your retention graph in YouTube Anaytics to see if you you are keeping the attention of your audience. If relative audience retention is above 50% it means your video has a better audience retention rate than all other videos on YouTube that have the same length,

    Keep trying different things with your videos to see if there’s an improvement in your audience retention rate. Sometimes one small adjustment will expand your audience.

    Let me ask you an important question…
    What are you currently doing to get longer watch times on your YouTube videos?
    Post your answer in the comments below I’d love to read them and others would too.

    If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and
    generate views and subscribers on autopilot check out my
    YouTube Markting Course at:

    5 Ways To Get More Subscribers From Your YouTube Channel Homepage

    Did you know that more people subscribe from your
    channel homepage than from your videos?

    So, how do you convert more of those viewers into subscribers?

    In the video below, I discuss the different ways that you can optimize your channel homepage so you can convert more viewers into subscribers.

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    Why are subscribers so crucial to the success of your YouTube channel?

    Subscribers tend to spend more time watching your videos than non-subscribers because they’re more interested in viewing your content, and watch time is one of the main ranking factors for YouTube videos.

    Subscribers also help with view velocity in the first 24 and 48 hours because they drive the initial views for your videos. They’re the ones that get notified by YouTube when you uploaded a new video. So if they have notifications turned on, they’ll be alerted when new videos are published.

    Let’s look at the 5 ways you can optimize your channel
    homepage to convert more viewers into subscribers.

    1. Visit YouTube Analytics.

    You’ll notice on the graph that the channel/other line is longer than videos. This means that more people have subscribed to your channel homepage in the last 30 days than from your videos.

    2. Place yourself in the mind of your viewer
    Ask yourself these questions;
    Is the content relevant to me?
    Will I learn something I don’t already know?
    Does the channel or the videos on the channel contain lots of value that I want to subscribe?

    If viewers don’t find the content on your channel valuable, why should they subscribe?

    3. Channel banner.
    Your channel banner is what catches the eye when people first visit your channel homepage. If viewers can’t understand what your channel is about within the first 5 or 10 seconds of viewing your channel banner, they’ll probably leave. If you have a great channel banner that clearly defines what your channel is all about, then your viewers are going to want to explore further.

    It’s similar to having a great title for your blog post. If the title captures the interest of your visitor, they’ll want to read the whole article. You can also add relevant links to your channel banner. I highly recommend including a subscribe link to make it easier for viewers to subscribe.

    4. Channel trailer
    This is an intro video of 30-60 seconds that summarizes the content of your channel.

    What should you include in your channel trailer?

    • Start off with a hook that captures the attention of your viewers. It can be as simple asking a question about the biggest problem your visitors may have. For example, on my channel, you could ask, “Are you struggling to grow your YouTube channel and want to get more views and subscribers?” After you’ve hooked your viewers in the first few seconds, then explain what your channel is all about.
    • You might also want to mention your posting schedule, like which days
      are you going to upload new videos to your channel.
    • Invite people to subscribe at the end of your video and tell
      them why they should subscribe.
    • Avoid placing an end screen at the end of your channel trailer
      because an automatic subscribe button will pop up.

    Keep in mind that once people have subscribed to your channel, they’re not going to see your channel trailer. Therefore, you might want to include a featured video or playlist for returning subscribers. If you don’t add a featured video or playlist, then your default content will appear.

    5. Organize sections into playlists.
    When people visit your channel homepage, you want to give them a clearly defined path to watch more of your video content. Therefore, you want to organize your channel homepage into sections that include playlists that people wish to watch.

    Place your most important playlist at the top, followed by other playlists that provide content that your viewers wish to watch. Tie the entire audience so you can put so you can put yourself in the same shoes as your viewers as they’re watching the content on your channel homepage.

    Make sure you also include a description of your playlist because that description will appear above your videos on the channel homepage. Your playlist description will help motivate people to check out the videos in the playlist.

    Another tip is to make sure that your thumbnails are congruent. If your thumbnails are a mixture of all kinds of different colors and graphics, it may be hard on the eyes and therefore, cause your viewers to leave your channel. Therefore, try to have similar graphics in your thumbnails so it’s obvious that these thumbnails belong to your channel. This will also help your viewers to recognize your videos when they’re listed in the search engines.

    Here are some important things to keep in mind.

    • If you have some old videos in your playlist that contain outdated content, replace them with newer content.
    • If you find that not many people are subscribing to your channel or you’re not getting many views, then ask your audience for content ideas. You also take the questions that people ask in the comments then create a video that answers their question.
    • Treat each subscriber as a real human being that has aspirations, goals, values, and emotions.

    Now you know five ways to convert viewers into subscribers
    by optimizing your YouTube channel homepage.

    Let me ask you an important question;
    What do you struggle with the most when it comes to your YouTube channel?
    Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them.

    If you want to learn how to grow your audience on YouTube and
    generate views and subscribers on autopilot check out my
    YouTube Markting Course at:

    How To Increase Audience Retention On YouTube – Top 10 Ways

    Do you want to boost your rankings and
    get more views and subscribers?

    In this video I explain what audience retention is, show you ten ways to increase audience retention and show you how to monitor the performance of your videos so you can make improvements.

    Watch the video below

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    The biggest ranking factor on YouTube is watch time. This is the amount of time that people keep watching your video so if they bail out after a few seconds you’ll get a lower watch time.

    So what is audience retention?
    This is the ability of your videos to keep the attention and interest of your audience so if you keep your audience engaged throughout your video you’ll have a high audience retention score.

    The audience retention of a video is measured in two ways:
    1. Absolute audience retention
    2. Relative audience retention

    Absolute Audience Retention shows the percentage of views for every moment in the video. Pay close attention to the first 15 seconds of your video because that’s when viewers are more likely to drop off if you don’t deliver the content that you promised.

    Relative audience retention is the ability of your video to keep viewers watching compared to other videos that have the same length. If the graph shows a relative audience retention over 50% that means your video is doing better than other videos of the same length. It means that more viewers kept watching your video over the same time frame compared to the same time frame of other YouTube videos.

    Here’s a great tip…
    Instead of comparing your video with others compare your video with other videos on your channel. If you see a video with a high retention score then try to duplicate it for future videos.

    So what should be your goal?
    Try to shoot for a relative audience retention score that is above 50%. This means that your video will have a higher audience retention than videos of a similar length.

    Here are 10 ways to increase the audience retention on your YouTube videos

    1. Identify a problem or pain point of your audience.
    If you can identify and solve a problem or pain point of your audience then you’ll keep your audience engaged .

    2. Do correct keyword research
    Identify the keywords that your target audience is searching for. You can do this by using the autosuggest feature of YouTube and getting a list of suggestions. Try to avoid very competitive keyword phrases because they’ll be harder to rank for. Instead, look for low competition keyword phrases.

    Watch my video on how to identify low competition keywords

    3. Script out relevant content
    Your content should be directly related to the keyword phrase you identified in point two. f you deviate from the content that you promised your viewers will leave your video.

    4. Hook your viewers from the beginning
    Begin your video by telling your viewers what your video is going to be about. For example in this video I started off by asking a question

    Do you want to boost your rankings and get more views and subscribers”

    Then I follow that sentence by saying …

    “In this video you’re going to receive ways to increase audience retention on your videos”

    You also might give a teaser at the beginning so people stay to the end. For example you could say

    “Stay to the end to receive my video upload checklist.”

    5. Share only what is necessary
    Don’t try to lengthen your video by filling it up with fluff. Try to communicate value from the beginning to keep your viewers engaged throughout the video.

    Here’s a test you can do to see if you’ve got good audience retention… hit #3 your keyboard after your video starts. The first 30% of your video will be skipped. If you can still understand what your video is all about after skipping 30% percent then you know that you can eliminate the fluff at the beginning.

    6. Use B-roll
    If you’re doing a talking head video your viewer will soon become bored. Try to change the screen every three to four seconds by using B-roll, text, cards, etc. You can also move yourself from left to right or you can zoom in on the person. This helps to break up the monotony of your video and keeps people watching.

    7. Link to a playlist
    Link to a playlist at the end of your video so it keeps people watching more of your videos. If you notice there’s a drop off halfway through your video then create a card that links to a playlist, so if people leave your video they’ll watch more of your other videos. If people watch more of your videos on YouTube that will increase your session watch time.

    Watch my tutorial on how to increase session watch time

    8. Thumbnail, title and intro should all be congruent to your message
    The purpose of your thumbnail is to get the first click. Your title should be congruent to your thumbnail so they’ll want to watch your video. Your intro should tell your viewers immediately what to expect in the video content. As I mentioned before the first seconds will determine if people will keep watching your video so make sure that your thumbnail title and intro is aligned with the message you’re trying to convey to your viewers.

    9. Don’t telegraph your ending
    Avoid using phrases like “that’s a wrap,” “that’s it” or “in conclusion.” You want to keep your viewers watching to the end of the video so don’t indicate when the video will end. Leave that for your last 20 -30 seconds where you can link to a free giveaway and add an end screen that links to another video and get people to subscribe.

    10. Monitor YouTube analytics
    Go to youtube analytics and click on audience retention.
    Click on absolute audience retention to see if there’s a drop-off in the first seconds. If so work on the intro of your videos so you can boost your absolute audience retention rate.

    Click on the relative audience retention tab to see the number of viewers that are watching your videos compared to videos of the same length. Try to shoot for a relative audience retention of 50%. If you get over 50% you’re doing well.

    Here are several important things to keep in mind to increase
    the audience retention of your videos on YouTube

    • Compare with yourself not with others.
      If you compare your channel with other channels then you’ll lose inspiration and motivation. It’s similar to competing in a running race. There will always be people that can run faster than you so instead of comparing your time with others times just try to beat your own best time.
    • Analyze your top videos
      If the content of those videos is doing well then create more content on the same topic.
    • Treat each video separately
      If the multitude of the videos on your channel have a low audience tension rate it won’t affect a future video that has a high audience retention rate. Therefore treat each video that you upload separately to all the other videos on your channel
    • Add videos to an official playlist
      When you add videos to an official playlist. YouTube will suggest videos to your viewers based upon the history of their viewing experience.
    • Make a goal to improve the audience retention of your future videos over the next days.
      Identify one thing that you can improve over the next month. If you make this adjustment and it improves your absolute and relative audience retention scores then you’ll see a great improvement in rankings and get more views and subscribers.

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    How To Increase Session Watch Time On Your YouTube Videos To Improve Rankings & Get More Views And Subscribers

    If you want to improve your rankings increase views and subscribers
    on your channel you need to increase your session watch time.

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    What is Watch Time?
    Watch time is the amount of time that people stay watching your videos so if they begin watching an individual video then continue watching consecutive videos you’ll get a long watch time. This plays into what YouTube wants which is to keep people watching more and more videos.

    What is session duration?
    This is the total length of time a user stays on YouTube from the moment they come on to the moment that they leave.

    What is session start time?
    This is when you bring someone onto YouTube from an external source such as Twitter, Facebook etc

    So what is the benefit of increasing your session watch time?
    It helps YouTube’s algorithm for showing suggested videos. This in turn gives you more views, subscribers and better rankings. If you have a channel monetized it can also lead to increased revenue from adsense ads.

    So how do you increase session watch time on your YouTube videos?

    1. Make videos more engaging

    • Make sure you use a hook at the beginning of your video to get viewers attention.
    • Provide high-quality content that people wish to watch.
    • Make sure your content is relevant so people won’t leave because you didn’t deliver the content that you promised in the title.
    • Don’t waste people’s time on irrelevant content.
    • Add graphics cards and end screens to keep your viewers attention all the way through the video.

    • Be energized in the video because video takes away the energy when you’re filming.
    • If your videos lead to longer sessions for your YouTube viewers even if they aren’t watching your videos anymore your video will be rewarded as a gateway video to a long session.

    2. Create attractive thumbnails that get the click.

    • Make sure your thumbnails are congruent throughout your channel. When somebody watches one of your videos it will be obvious from the thumbnails that they all belong to your channel.
    • Use large text instead of trying to cram a bunch of words into YouTube thumbnail. just use a few words so they’ll be easy to read
    • Don’t be misleading
. Make sure your content delivers what you promised in the thumbnail.

    3. Optimize your channel home page

    • Make sure it’s easy to determine what your channel is all about from your channel banner.
    • Make sure your channel trailer encapsulates the content of all the videos on your channel.
    • Create sections on your channel home page that includes the playlists of your channel.

    4. Create an official playlist

    • Make sure you optimize the title, description and thumbnail of your playlist.
    • Create an official playlist so YouTube will promote it.
    • Add at least 5 videos to each playlist.
    • Put the videos in order so it’s easy to follow the content. If you don’t have enough videos to put in your playlist you can include videos from other channels when uploading a new video.
    • Don’t immediately add it to a playlist, instead add it to playlist later
      so you start a new session watch time.
    • Add your playlist URL in the description of your videos so it increases your session watch time.

    5. End Screens

    • Use end screens in the last 20 seconds of your video to get people to watch more videos.

    • To prevent indecision don’t add too many calls to actions to increase the chances of your viewers clicking on your call-to-action.
    • Use a human face that points to the call-to-action. Also include a verbal call-to-action as you point to the graphic.

    6. Encourage comments

    • Interesting comments can increase the session time viewers spend on a video page.
    • You can also link to other videos in your comments to encourage people to watch more videos.

    7. Build a subscriber base

    • Your subscribers tend to be your most loyal fans. Active, engaged, and enthusiastic subscribers will help to accumulate more session watch time.
    • You also get committed responses from engaged fans. You also get a higher retention rate than viewers who found you in the search engines.
    • Include a subscribe link on your channel banner as well as in the description of your videos. You can also add a subscribe watermark across all the videos on your channel.

    8. Study analytics

    • View the top 10 videos on your channel to see which ones got the highest retention rates. If viewers are dropping off in the first 15 seconds this may mean that you’re not delivering the content that you promised in your thumbnail and title.
    • Study analytics over 28 days so you can make improvements to your session watch times.

    Here are a few important things to keep in mind to improve your session watch time

    • Don’t link to an external source at the beginning of your video because it will end your session watch time. Instead link to one of your videos or one of your playlists so it extends the session watch time.
    • Create teaser videos for your social media sites that redirect to the full video on YouTube
    • Upload videos on a consistent basis because YouTube rewards upload frequency
    • Add international tags if you’re getting traffic from non-english speaking countries, this will help you to reach a broader audience.
    • Create a transcription of your video content so people who can’t hear or understand what you’re saying can read the captions under your videos.
    • Add live stream videos to your channel because they tend to have a longer watch time.

    Let me ask you an important question
    What are you currently doing to improve
    the watch time of your videos on YouTube?

    Post your answer in the comments below I’d love to read them.

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    YouTube Live Stream Ideas You Can Use Right Now – Top 10

    Does your mind go blank whenever you try to come
    up with live streaming ideas for your YouTube videos?

    Live streaming is a great way to increase engagement
    and to connect with people in real time.

    Watch the video below to discover 10 ideas you
    can use right now to Live Stream on YouTube

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    1. Tutorials and Training
    People love to learn something new that will benefit them. Become your audiences go to reference on a specific topic in your niche by conducting a mini webinar.

    Leave time at the end to answer questions.

    With Mobile live streaming it’s difficult to share your computer screen unless you use your phone to show a close up. Alternatively you can use YouTube Live to share your desktop

    Click here to watch my tutorial on how to do live events
    from your desktop even if you have 0 subscribers.

    2. Question and answer session
    People attending your live stream have the opportunity to ask questions in the live chat stream. If you want to get the ball rolling, ask the questions in advance then take live requests while you are answering the question.

    3. Live events
    Perhaps you’re attending a live industry conference in your niche. Use live streaming to cover the event so people who can’t attend can feel as if they are attending the event live.

    4. Interviews
    Do a live Interview with an expert in your niche. The beauty of this idea is that you don’t need much preparation and you don’t have to provide the content, just the questions. You’ll automatically gain some extra credibility plus you’ll gain some extra exposure via syndication.

    5. Product demo
    People love to watch somebody unboxing a product that they haven’t yet decided to buy. Show them what it looks like, how it works and your personal opinion of why you bought it. You might want to try a dry run before you live stream just in case the product malfunctions.

    6. Product Review
    Have you ever been unsure about purchasing new software? Doing a live review of the software for your subscribers will help them to make an informed decision whether they should purchase the software or not. Try to demo the software and point out the advantages as well as the disadvantages.

    7. Product launch
    Most people don’t buy something the first time they see it,. If you educate them over time they’ll be able to make an informed decision. Create a series of videos before your official product launch that educates people about your product.

    8. Office or studio tour
    How many people have seen the equipment that you’re using in your office or studio? Give them a tour showing the different tools that you use in your business that makes your life easier.

    9. Thoughtful monologue
    Perhaps you want to share an inspirational topic with your audience or do daily live tips. It’s often easier to talk about it than to write it down. All you have to do is do some quick preparation such as write down a list of bullet points, turn on the camera and let the words flow out of your mouth.

    Your audience will love the sincerity and reality of the moment.

    10. Breaking News
    Report live as breaking news or stories develop in your industry. This will help keep your audience in the loop.

    Here are some important things to keep in mind before you go live

    • Plan out the points that you want to make
    • Position your camera on a tripod so you don’t get shaky footage
    • Test the lighting and sound before you go live
    • Announce your live stream in advance
    • Build in time to respond to questions and comments
    • Choose a title that entices people to attend and increases searchability
    • Thank people for attending
    • After the event let people know what they missed so they can tune in next time

    Let me ask you a question
    Do you have any other live stream ideas that you wish to share with others?
    If so, post your ideas in the comments below
    I’d love to read them.

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