YouTube Growth Mindset Mistakes To Avoid & How To Solve Them

Growing a successful channel requires the right mindset otherwise you’ll fall prey to the common mistakes that cause YouTubers to lose motivation and give up.

Here are the 10 common YouTube Growth Mindset Mistakes to avoid
that will help with the growth of your channel.

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1. Inadequate vision
If you don’t have a clear vision for your channel it will be difficult to keep going when you encounter difficulties. Channel growth requires a lot of hard work and sometimes you don’t feel inspired to create new content. For example the reason that I upload new video content every week is to help as many people as possible. When more of my videos get discovered on Google and YouTube I reach more people. The accumulated revenue from my videos also increases.

2. Lack of specific goals
Goals provide a road map for success. Unless you know where you want to go and how to get there it will take a longer to get to your destination. For example one of my goals for this year is to attain 10,000 new subscribers. To make this happen I have to plan out my content ahead of time so I can upload new content on a regular basis.

3. Lack of belief
Faith is the things hoped for but not yet seen. When starting a YouTube channel it’s hard to imagine becoming successful..whatever success means to you. If you absolutely believe that your channel will be successful and maintain this mindset during the growth of your channel, you’ll make it happen.

4. Negative thoughts
Negative thoughts can easily destroy or limit your vision, motivation and passion. For example, if one of your videos received little or no views more dislikes than likes, it would be easy to just throw in the towel and give up thinking that this is just a “waste of my time.”

One of the ways to conquer these thoughts is to surround yourself with positive people who have gone through similar struggles and experiences. You’ll be able to get their positive support. One of the ways to do this is to start or join a Facebook group with people who share the same goals.

Another great way to stop the negative thoughts that occupy your mind is to go and help somebody. When you help someone solve one of their problems it stops you thinking about the negative thoughts that reside in your mind.

5. Lack of confidence
This is similar to having negative thoughts. For example you may not have the confidence to appear in front of a camera because you think you’re too ugly or don’t have a good enough voice. Then someone says “don’t worry about what you look or sound like because people are more interested in the message that you’re trying to convey.” So after going ahead and creating a few videos and getting positive feedback you’ve overcome your lack of confidence.

6. Indecision
Sometimes I wonder to myself if I should upload a video I just wrote a script for. If my indecision gets prolonged for few days it negatively affects my ability to get things done because it occupies space in my mind. I find it’s better to make a decision quickly so I don’t suffer “paralysis of analysis.”

7. Comparing yourself to others
The growth of your channel may be very slow compared to similar channels that offer the same content. They may be getting 1000s of views and subscribers. Instead of comparing your channel with theirs, just be yourself and enjoy your own journey.

Avoid measuring their success against your success because you don’t know the circumstances that are behind their channel. For example I may have built a relationship with a popular person on the Net who has millions of followers. So avoid comparing yourself with others and trust in your own journey.

8. Absence of authenticity
If you try to be like somebody else you won’t be true to yourself. Every person is unique and has their own talents and abilities that can contribute to making the world a better place. People will connect with your uniqueness that they won’t find anywhere else. Don’t worry about the haters or the people that dislike you because you’re not going to please everyone.

9. Lack of consistency
YouTube rewards channels that upload videos on a consistent basis by giving them views and subscribers. Make a committment to upload at least one new video every week. Create an ongoing list of new video ideas so you can upload new videos ahead of schedule. If you commit to this plan you’ll always have a new video ready to upload even if you’re on holiday get sick or don’t feel creative.

10. Not having fun
You’ve probably heard of the proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” If you’re not having fun creating new content on a consistent basis, you’ll soon lose motivation and inspiration and want to give up. Therefore make sure you create content that people want to watch.

For example I get inspired when someone tells me I’ve solved one of their problems that they have been struggling with for several days. One way to attract these types of people to your channel is to create videos based on the keywords that people are searching on in Google and YouTube.

Another method is to create videos that answer the questions that people leave in the comments, on forums and in groups.

That’s it!
Now you know the 10 YouTube Growth
Mindset Mistakes and how to solve them.

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How To Become Successful On YouTube

Let me ask you a question.. will you still be successful on YouTube
if you don’t have millions of views and subscribers?

Whether you’re just starting a YouTube channel or have been
building it for a while it still may not feel like it’s a success.

When I seriously started focusing on building my channel several years ago it was slow going because I wasn’t getting many viewers or subscribers. If I compared my channel with other channels that got millions of views and subscribers in the same period, I’d get depressed and lose motivation.

So what does success on YouTube look like?

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Long term success
Long term success depends on the purpose and goals of your channel. For instance the purpose of my channel is to help others grow their YouTube channels. If I can help one person solve a problem with their channel I claim that as a success.

One of the long term main goals for my YouTube channel is to build a traffic machine that continuously generates views, subscribers, leads and sales. The beauty of this machine is that it functions on autopilot. As my channel continues to grow my traffic stream gets wider and stronger. This means I don’t have to waste time and money running ads to promote my products or affiliate products.

Short Term Success
Short term successes come in many forms. Here are a few examples…

  • Helping someone solve one of their problems
  • Gaining new subscribers to my channel
  • Receiving views to my videos
  • Receiving feedback in the comments to one of my videos

Ongoing Success
This refers to the ongoing feedback I get by continually creating, uploading, optimizing and promoting my videos. Even though It involves a great investment of time and energy I get tremendous satisfaction after completing the process.

Here are some examples of ongoing successes
I receive on a daily basis:

  • Receiving a comment that says I helped someone
  • Figuring out a new factor that brings more engagement to my videos
  • Coming up with new channel content that speaks to my audience
  • Writing an email message to my subscribers that helps
    them grow their channel
  • Getting one new subscriber
  • Making new connections
  • Generating sales from my own products and
    affiliate products I recommend
  • Achieving higher conversions by tweaking my sales funnel

Here are my 10 tips to become successful on YouTube
1. Define the purpose of your channel
2. Define your target audience
3. Set weekly, monthly, and yearly goals
4. Organize your channel home page so new visitors will want to subscribe
and returning subscribers will want to get new content
5. Optimize your videos so they get discovered on Google and YouTube
6. Constantly look for new ways to improve the quality of your videos
7. Keep a constant upload schedule
8. Interact with your audience on youtube by replying to their comments
9. Promote your videos outside YouTube
10. Track the performance of your videos using YouTube analytics

Keep these 4 important things in mind
1. Believe you will be successful
2. Don’t compare your success with somebody elses success. Their definition of success may be different to .just be yourself & enjoy your own journey.
3. Celebrate your small successes because they’ll lead to your long term success
4. Success on YouTube is a marathon not a sprint. It may be slow going at the beginning but speeds up as time passes.

So be patient and don’t give up!

That’s it!
Now you know How To Become Successful On YouTube

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How To Get Your YouTube Videos Noticed – My Top 10 Tips

How the heck do you get your YouTube videos noticed when
YouTube receives over 30 million visitors per day?

It’s easy to get discouraged when your newly uploaded videos receive
little or no views and other channels receive thousands or millions of views.

Your video won’t get discovered on YouTube or Google if you haven’t
optimized it or promoted it correctly after it’s been uploaded.

Here are my top 10 tips to get your youtube videos noticed:

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1. Rename your video file
When you first create your video file, it will be named something like ‘untitled.” The best practice is to rename your video file the same as you title your video . Make sure it includes some of your main keywords.

2. Optimize video file properties

  • Before you upload your video file, include the
    appropriate info in your file properties
  • On the MAC just right click the video file,
    click get info and fill out the video properties
  • On a PC just right click to view the video file properties,
    add a title, subtitle, tags and add a comment.


3. Optimize your title
Create a short catchy title that includes your main keyword or keyword phrase that you wish to target. For example if you’ve created a video for beginner dog trainers your title could be “dog training for beginners” Notice how I included dog training at the beginning of my title. Keep your titles within 70 characters, including spaces. Although YouTube has a 100-character limit for its titles, anything longer than 70 characters will be chopped off in the search results.

4. Write a clear description
This is where you describe the content of your video and include social media links and links to related videos. Keep in mind that only the first few lines of your description will appear under your video unless they click “show more” to view the rest of the description. Therefore make sure you describe your video in the first 2 lines and include a full video link to your landing page.
Include the rest of the space in the box to expand on your description, include links to your social media sites, a subscribe link, any related video URLs and a strong call to action. One thing I often do to fill out the description is to just include a transcript of your video content.

5. Select the right category
Select the category relevant to the video content that you’re uploading. If you’re consistently uploading content based on a specific theme, always select the same category. Currently you can select from 15 different categories. Simply select one of the categories for all your future uploads so you can forget about it.

6. Include relevant tags
Tags help your videos get discovered in the search engines so include relevant tags that relate to your video content. Usually I just include my video title in the first tag followed by related keyword phrases for the other tags. Use compound keywords in the first set of tags followed by singular keywords in the other tags. A great way to get your video seen in suggested videos is to include your channel username in one of your tags.

7. Transcribe your video content
When you add a transcript of your video content, YouTube will add captions at the bottom of your video. This helps people who can’t hear or understand what you’re saying to understand the message that you’re trying to convey in your video. This is because Google and YouTube can read the text file.

8. Add your video to a relevant playlist
If you sort your videos into relevant playlists, most of your videos will get seen because they relate to the same topic. It also encourages people to watch multiple videos. For example, I have a series of videos that show how to grow your youtube channel. Each time I create a video related to that topic I add it to the playlist.

Make sure you optimize your playlist by adding your title, description and appropriate thumbnail. If you create an official playlist it will get more traffic than a regular playlist.

9. Create an attractive thumbnail
YouTube automatically generates thumbnails for your videos. People scanning the listings on Google will be more inclined to click on an image than to click on a text listing. This is like having a free ad for your video. If you want your thumbnail to stand out in the search engines then create an attractive thumbnail that is unique to your channel.

10. Promote your videos
Sharing your videos outside of YouTube will expand your audience. Make sure you share your video on your social media sites and embed it on your own website or blog. Include your YouTube channel link in your email signature a well as highlighting it on your business cards.

The more your video link gets discussed and shared by yourself, your friends and contacts, the wider its reach and impact will be.

Bonus Tip
Track video performance

Monitoring the performance of your current videos will show you which areas you need to improve. Visit YouTube analytics in your channel dashboard to view the behavior of people watching your videos. For example, if you notice that people are dropping off at the beginning of your video, try asking a question to grab their attention followed by the meat of your content.

Make use of graphics, cards, end screens and annotations to keep your viewers engaged throughout your video. Most of all, your content should be high quality so people will want to subscribe to your channel and receive notifications of new material every week.

Now you know how to get your YouTube videos seen or noticed on youtube so you can get more views and subscribers on autopilot.

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How To Make Your Own YouTube Channel Art In 60 Seconds

Do you keep putting off making a banner for your YouTube channel because you don’t want to spend hours looking for a designer? Perhaps you can’t afford it or don’t want to wait days get the design back?

Here’s how to make your own YouTube Channel Banner
in 60 secs using Social Studio FX

Watch the video below

Get your own copy of Social Studio FX at:

  • Log in to social studio fx
  • You can select a black background or a white background
  • You don’t have to choose a can actually start from scratch if you wish
  • I’ve got all the social categories such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, google plus, youtube, instagram, pinterest and other web banners
  • I’m going to select youtube
  • I’m going to select this channel template
  • I can select a theme from 23 different niches that have 200 templates altogether
  • I can search for a specific theme, so I want a video theme
  • I click enter and here are all my video marketing themes
  • I don’t like any of the themes displayed so I select the ebusiness and marketing theme
  • I select a template
  • I’m going to zoom out so I can see the whole template
  • On the right here I can add more text
  • I can select from all the different shapes..I’ve got 3d graphics, arrows, boxes, covers, different shapes, icons
  • I can also select different images such as my own images, system images, system stock images
  • If I want a mountain for instance, I just search for mountains then click search
  • I can also select from stock accounts like pixabay, shutterstock, gettyimages, iconfinder
  • I’m just going to select a template
  • Instead of the text “build an audience” I’m going to change it to video consulting
  • Click reply
  • I can move the text around if I wish
  • I can also expand the box if I want to
  • Let’s change this the text from “don’t build links, build relationships” to get traffic, leads and sales
  • Click reply
  • I’m going to put the whole text box in the middle
  • I can preview it by clicking the eye icon
  • I can view it full screen, make a watermark on it or get the sharing URL
  •  I can save it as a jpg, png, pdf or I’m going to save it as a jpg..
  • I download it as a jpg
  • I’m going to go to my channel now
  • Hover over the channel art
  • Click “Edit channel art”
  • Select the photo from your computer and click choose
  • And now you can see it on your desktop, tv and on a mobile
  • Click select..close
  • Now you can add a channel description and then you’re all done

Here are some of the features of Social Studio FX

  • It’s Cloud Based Software With NOTHING to Download
  • No Technical, Coding or Design Skills Required.
  • Got 200 Done-For-You Templates – Created By Graphic Experts
  • Zero Monthly Fees with this Launch Period
  • Offers 13,200 Unique Graphic Combinations, 180+ Web Fonts,
    8000+ Stock Images, 200 Award Winning Templates
  • It’s Versatile and Easy to Use
  • Unlimited Personal Use so you can Create as many
    Social Media Graphics as you want

Here’s some frequently asked questions
Do I Need To Install It On My Computer?
It’s Cloud Based so you don’t need to do that

Does It Work On Windows And Mac?
YES! it works on any device that can access the web!

Can You Upload Your Own Images?
Absolutely. We allow you to upload up to 100 MBs of your own images that are stored on our servers!

I’m Not Sure Where To Get Images. Do You Include Any Stock Images Or Fonts?
Yes! We’re including 8,000 stock images which are all royalty free

Is Any Of The Work “Done For You?
Yep! You’ll get instant access to 200 pre-made template designs across 23 different niches

Is It A One Time Fee Or Monthly Membership?
Everything is ONE-TIME-ONLY with your Social Studio FX membership!
No hidden monthly fees or charges

How Do I Get Support?
Our team is standing by and we have support available to help you almost 24 hours a day.

You also get 30 days risk free money back guarantee

Get Your Copy Of Social Studio FX Now At:

social studio fx

How To Rename Your YouTube Channel Without Affecting Any Videos Or Channel Features

Did you know that you can rename your YouTube channel
without affecting video URLS or any channel features?

Everything on your channel will remain the same except your displayed channel name, and the name of any connected Google+ page.

I’m going to show how to change the channel name from your
desktop or mobile phone (iPhone or Android)

Here are the 7 steps to change your YouTube channel name from your desktop:

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Step 1 log into your youtube channel
Step 2 click on your profile icon
Step 3 click on the youtube settings icon
Step 4 click edit on google
Step 5 change your name..I’m just going to call it localvideoconsultantonline
Step 6 Click ok. It says “change your name…changing your name here applies it in all google services. These changes take some time to take effect.
Step 7 Click “change name”…now it displays “localvideoconsultantonline”. After waiting less than 24 hours my new channel name appeared.

Here are the steps to change your Channel name on YouTube
using the youtube app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device

  • Download the youtube app from the app store
  • Tap the youtube app
  • Tap your profile icon at the top right
  • You can switch an account or go to my channel..let’s go with my channel
  • Tap the cog icon
  • Tap the pencil icon next to your channel name
  • I’m going to change it from drostvideoconsulting to drostvideoconsultingonline
  • Tap the arrow…Now it says drostvideoconsultingonline
  • I can change the name 3 times within a 90 day period
  • So I’m going to change it back to drostvideoconsulting
  • Tap the pencil icon
  • Tap the arrow

Now it’s back to drostvideoconsulting

Here are a few important things to keep in mind:
1. You can’t change your youtube channel name more than 3 times in 90 days
2. You can use a different name for your youTube account than your Google account
3. You don’t need a Google+ page to use YouTube
4. If your channel is eligible, you can claim
a custom url for your youtube channel
5. After you’ve created your custom url it can’t be changed
That’s it!

Now you know how to change your Channel name on youtube
from your desktop or from your mobile phone

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How To Come Up With A YouTube Channel Name Or Get A Custom Channel URL

What the heck should you call your YouTube Channel
and should you rename your current channel name?

Coming up with a unique username for your channel is not an easy task especially when most of them are taken. In this article and video (see below) I want to give you 10 tips for how to come up with a good username for your youtube channel, how to change your current channel name and if you’re eligible for a custom channel url.

Here are the 10 tips to come up with a youtube channel name

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Tip 1
Decide on the purpose of your channel

Base your channel name on your passion. This could be a hobby, interest, or topic that will have an impact on the world. For example if your channel is about dog training think about including something to do with dogs in your channel name. It could be something like, or caninefriends. You can even get more specific and use the breed of the dog in your name. Another idea is to just use your own name for your channel name if it’s not already taken. This may make it easier to stand out from the crowd especially if your name is unique.

Tip 2
Appeal to you target audience

Think about who will get excited about your video content then choose a name that fits the content. Your video content should relate to the channel name that you have chosen. For example if your channel name then your video content should be all about dogs.

Tip 3
Make it memorable

Use a dictionary or thesaurus or to come up with words that you might have overlooked. Try entering your chosen name into YouTube to see if it’s already taken. If it is, try these different word techniques to make your name easy to remember.

Rhyming – Enter a word in to find words or phrases that rhyme with it. For example if I enter “dog” a rhyming word could be dogleg.

Alliteration – these are words that start with the same letter. You’ve probably heard of these common alliterations such as, PayPal, Coco-cola, Best Buy

Suffixes – use suffixes like .tv, -cast, -vision. This will help people to know it’s an educational channel.

Use the online YouTube name generator to generate thousands of combinations of words and suffixes.

Tip 4
Keep it short and sweet

A short name makes it easy to remember and therefore easy to type. Avoid using numbers or letters in a name that is already taken. If you add numbers to the beginning or end of the name people will only be confused because they won’t know if they should spell out the number or not.

Tip 5.
Read out loud to others

It’s easy to fall in love with a name you’ve chosen for you youtube channel but it may not appeal to others when you read it out loud to them. Run it by friends and family members so you get an objective viewpoint instead of your own subjective view.

Tip 6
Create a list of multiple names

Create a list of multiple names for your channel then think about which one will work best for your niche. If you find it difficult to choose, just ask your friends and family for feedback.

Tip 7
Check if the your name is available across multiple platforms.

Large companies will spend millions of dollars to build a brand name so it becomes a household word. For example most people understand that the brand name APPLE is associated with high quality computers.

Check if the name you have chosen for your youtube channel name is also available across multiple social media sites. These may include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

Also check if a there is a domain name that corresponds to the name of your channel so you can redirect visitors to a website. You can go to a domain registration website like to search for the perfect domain name. For example instead of (which is proabaly taken) go for something like which is still available last time I checked.

Tip 8.
Change your current YouTube channel name or not?

Perhaps you started a youtube channel many years ago and now it has a lot of authority but it doesn’t entirely reflect your video content that you’re putting out now. In this case I would stick with your current channel name because viewers are more interested in your content than they are in the name of your channel. For instance when I first started my youtube channel isitebuild I mostly uploaded web design tutorials. When I transitioned to YouTube tutorials I just kept the same channel name because I had already established authority on youtube.

Tip 9
YouTube channel Name can be different
to your Google account name

You can use a name or photo on YouTube that is different to your Google Account name. You simply connect your youtube channel to your brand account. This helps support your business or brand identity on YouTube without showing a connection to your personal Google Account.

Tip 10
Claim a custom URL for your YouTube Channel Name

Getting a custom youtube channel name makes it easy to spell and easy to remember.

You can claim your custom URL if you meet these eligibility requirements…

  • Have 100 or more subscribers
  • Your channel must be at least 30 days old
  • You’ve uploaded photo as your channel icon
  • You’ve uploaded channel art

  • Keep these important things in mind

    • You can only have one custom URL.
    • Custom URLs can’t be assigned or transferred to anyone.
    • You can’t change your custom URL after you’ve created it.

    Your audience can now access your your custom URL by typing in or This will take viewers to your channel homepage.

    Here’s a Bonus Tip
    The Google+ page is no longer needed

    YouTube used to automatically associate a Google+ page when you created a new YOUTUBE CHANNEL. If you changed your YouTube name, it would change the name of all your Google services. Fortunately this no longer applies.

    If you currently have a Google+ page associated with your YouTube account, you can delete your Google+ profile without worrying about losing the features or the content.

    That’s it!
    Now you know how to come up with a YouTube Channel name, whether you should change it or not and if you’re eligible to create a custom URL.

    If you want to learn how generate traffic, leads and sales on autopilot become a member of my YouTube Marketing Course at

    Top 7 Ways To Get Your YouTube Channel Noticed

    Are you struggling to get your YouTube Channel noticed?

    If you’re just starting out or have a ton of competitors you’re probably having a hard time trying to stand out from the crowd. When your channel gets noticed on YouTube you’ll receive a lot more views and subscribers.

    Here are my Top 7 Tips to get your YouTube Channel noticed:

    Watch the video below

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    1. Know your target market
    If you don’t know who your channel will appeal to it will be difficult to create the right content. If you don’t have the right content you’ll get very few viewers and subscribers.

    Here are some of the ways to find your target market:

    • Visit social media sites where your audience hangs out and interact with them
    • Visit YouTube channels that are related to your niche to see what topics are being covered
    • Read the comments of related channels to see what’s being discussed
    • Enter your main keyword in the Google or YouTube search box to see what information people are seeking.

    2. Create attractive channel art
    Make it easy for first time viewers to understand what your channel is all about when they first visit the channel home page.

    Here are a few tips to get you started:

    • Create an attractive channel banner that represents your channel
    • Create a channel trailer that encapsulates your channel content
    • Describe who your content is for on your about page

    3. Correctly structure your YouTube Channel
    Organize the different videos on your channel into playlists so people will keep watching more of your videos. This will also satisfy YouTube’s wishes which is to keep people watching videos on YouTube as long as possible. Organize your playlists into sections on your channel home page. This enables channel visitors to watch the videos that they are most interested in.

    4. Create videos with relevant content
    One of the easiest ways to discover the content your target market is interested in, is to type your keyword into the Google or YouTube search box. You’ll then see a list of suggestions to create videos for. Also look for questions that your target market is asking then answer them in a video.

    If you are your own target market, think about the videos that you want to watch because you probably share the same thoughts as others who are on the same level.

    5. Make engaging videos
    People have short attention spans so you have to make your videos engaging if you want to keep them watching the video all the way through.

    Here’s some tips to keep them engaged:

    • Tell people what to expect at the beginning of your video, then get straight into the meat of the content followed by a call to action such as “please subscribe to my channel to receive more videos like this one every week.”
    • Avoid the fluff. Make sure you provide high quality content so viewers will want to come back to your channel every week to view the new content.
    • Utilize graphics to enhance your video content. Use b-roll footage to spice up your videos because nobody wants to watch a talking head video for 10 minutes.
    • Use end screens and annotations. YouTube added these features to make it easy for viewers to subscribe to your channel or be redirected to your landing page.

    6. Create engaging thumbnails
    A thumbnail picture is displayed on Google and YouTube for every video you upload. Avoid using the thumbnails that are auto-generated by YouTube. Instead create your own custom thumbnail so it will stand out amongst all the other listings in the search engines. An easy way to make a unique thumbnail is to include a picture of your face.

    7. Promote your videos
    Extend the reach of your audience by promoting your videos off YouTube. Promote them using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Embed your video on your own website as well as Web 2.0 sites. If you have some extra cash think about advertising your your video using adwords for video.

    Here’s a bonus Tip
    Be consistent

    Uploading one video every month is not going to get your channel noticed. Commit yourself to at least uploading one new video every week so you get a consistent stream of traffic.

    There you have it…7 ways to get your YouTube channel noticed.

    Let me ask you a question..

    What are YOU currently doing to get your channel noticed?
    Post your answers in the comments below.

    If you want to learn how generate traffic, leads and sales on autopilot become a member of my YouTube Marketing Course at

    50 YouTube Video Ideas To Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Do you you struggle to come up with new
    ideas for your YouTube videos?

    Have you ever stared at a blank screen wondering what your next video should be about? It would be great if you could afford a team to bounce ideas off each other but you are the one person who is is in charge of your channel.

    Not all of us are creative types or have an endless stream of ideas so let me help you reduce your stress and give you 50 ideas for creating future videos on YouTube.

    Here are 50 YouTube Video Ideas To Grow Your YouTube Channel

    Watch the video below


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    These are generic ideas you can apply to almost any niche on YouTube, whether it’s dog training, cooking, marketing, beauty or gaming. I’ll use the dog training as my example even though I don’t own a dog. Keep in mind that these ideas are a brain dump of my mind so feel free to add your own ideas in the comments below.

    1. Why – Discuss why you’re into dog training
    2. Benefits – Summarize the key benefits of training a dog
    3. How-to – Create a video tutorial showing how to do something
    4. Pros and Cons – What are the pros and cons of training
    or not training your dog
    5. Pain/Stress Avoidance – Here’s how to avoid the pain
    and stress of dog training
    6. Question & Answer – Answer questions people ask
    on social media, forums & groups
    7. Top 7 Tips – Give the top 7 tips to train your dog to stop biting
    8. I Love – Explain why you love to train dogs
    9. Things to do – here are the top things you must do
    or avoid when training your dog
    10. Principles – Discuss the main principles to follow when training your dog
    11. Traps/Escape – Talk about the traps you should know about when training your dog and how to escape them.
    12. Golden Rules – The 4 Golden Rules you must follow when training your dog
    13. Product Reviews – Review a product that will make life easier
    14. Guides – The ultimate guide for training your dog not to pee
    15. FAQs – Make a list of the frequently asked questions in your niche and answer them in a series of videos.
    16. Checklists – create a video checklist of all the things
    you must do to begin training a dog
    17. Trends – Record a video showing the latest trends in your niche
    18. Facts/Statistics – What are some of the outstanding facts your target market should know about.
    19. Examples – Give examples of dogs who completed professional training
    20. Case Studies – Show case one of your success stories
    21. Before and after – Illustrate the difference before a dog was trained and how they improved after receiving the training
    22. Resources – Convey the resources you used to attain success
    23. Tools – Discuss the tools or applications you use
    24. Secrets – Reveal the secrets to your success
    25. Reasons – Provide the reasons you absolutely need to train your dog
    26. Signs – Discuss some of the signs your dog is benefiting from the training
    27. Best Ways or Proven ways – List the best or proven ways to train your dog
    28. Ideas – ideas to prevent your dog from biting
    29. Tips – Top tips to stop your dog from barking
    30. Mistakes – Don’t make these mistakes when training your dog
    31. Tactics – Top tactics that will make your dog obedient to you
    32. Steps – Follow these exact steps to successfully train your dog
    33. Most popular – The most popular trick to get your dog to obey
    34. Strategies – Top strategies that have kept my dog clean
    35. Formulas – Follow these proven formulas to train your dog
    36. Hacks – This one hack helped me achieve success
    37. Methods – Outline the methods that prevent
    your dog from peeing on the carpet
    38. Outrageous – What are the most outrageous
    ways to successfully train your dog
    39. Kick-ass ways – Use these 4 kick-ass ways to train your dog
    40. Myths – Debunk the myths associated with dog training
    41. What the heck – what the heck is going on with dog training right now?
    42. Comparisons – compare 2 different products used in training dogs
    43. Creators pick of the month – choose a favorite subscriber, customer or product and explain why they or it was chosen
    44. Goals – share your BIG, Hairy audacious goals for this year
    45. Lessons – share the main lessons you learned this past week, month or year
    46. Subscribers question of the month – select and answer the best question from one of your subscribers or customers
    47. Failures – Illustrate the failures you encountered
    and how you overcame them.
    48. Successes – Point out your major successes and how you got there
    49. Turning Point – Discuss the turning point to your success
    50. Challenges – Point out the current challenges you’re facing or have faced.

    Here Are 4 Bonus Ideas
    51. Helpful advice – What helpful advice can you offer to subscribers?
    52. Practices – illustrate the best practises of your niche
    53. Skills – Show the skills needed to train your dog
    54. Beginners – where do you start when you’re a beginner

    There you have it..50 YouTube video ideas for one person plus 4 bonus ideas. If you can think of more video ideas please post them in the comments below.

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    How To Find Your Niche On YouTube – Top 7 Ways

    Are you struggling to find your niche amongst
    the millions of channels on YouTube?

    You may think it’s best to create videos on a large variety of topics to appeal to the largest audience so you can get a ton of views and subscribers. The only problem with that thinking is when you try to reach everyone you reach no one or just a few people. It’s like trying to find the best toothpaste in a grocery store out of 100s of different brands. You can’t decide because they all look the same.

    Before you decide on a niche for your YouTube channel, think about how you can make it unique so it can stand out from all the other competitors.

    Here are the Top 7 Ways To Find Your Niche On YouTube

    Watch the video below

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    1. Do what you love
    According to Meriam Websters online dictionary a niche is a place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or thing is best fitted. Create list of things you enjoy doing or are passionate about. If you’re passionate about something it will be easier stay motivated and inspired. It will also be easier to build a connection with people who share the same interest and as well as structuring your video content.

    Your list may include hobbies, sports, books, countries you’ve travelled to, mountains you’ve climbed, places you’ve worked, people you admire and organizations you belong to.

    Just do a brain dump on paper without thinking too much about what to include so you won’t interrupt the creative process. In my previous video I discussed the 7 ways to identify your passion. Click the card icon above to check it out.

    2. Share your expertise
    Are you an expert in a particular field? Perhaps you worked in the marketing department for an offline business and now want to utilize your skills to market the products online. Perhaps you’ve gone camping every year and now want to start a channel to share your survival tips.

    I began my channel by sharing my web design tips then discovered that I loved making videos. I also discovered that YouTube was a great tool for generating traffic, leads and sales on autopilot. Perhaps you have an old channel that has built up some authority but has been neglected. You can fire it up with new and improved content.

    3. Start something new
    Maybe all things that you’ve done in your life don’t inspire or motivate you anymore and you want to start something new. You might want to change your lifestyle by selling your house, buying an RV and travelling around the USA. The cool thing about doing something new is that you are your own target market. This means you can easily connect with people on the same level by sharing the same thoughts and emotions.

    4. Go beyond your limitations
    If there were no financial or physical constraints what would you do? How would you spend your time if you had unlimited funds? Allow yourself to think or dream big then write down all the things that come to mind.

    5. Research your niche
    Find out if there is an interest in the niche that you have chosen. Search YouTube to study the top channels related to your niche.

    Ask yourself these questions…

    * Has the channel got a ton of views and subscribers in the last few months?
    * Do the videos receive a lot of comments to show that viewers are engaged with the content.

    You can also visit other social media sites such as forums, Facebook Groups, linked in groups, twitter, etc. Notice the type of questions that people are asking.

    Type your main keyword into the YouTube or Google search box. You’ll see
    a list of related topics that you can create videos for.

    6. Hone your niche
    Instead of trying to appeal to everyone in your niche, narrow it down and focus on one area. Even though you will have a smaller audience, they will be more focused and easier to market to. For example if your niche is about dog training, focus on how to train a specific breed of dog.

    7. Make your niche stand out from the crowd
    Find ways to make your channel unique so it stands out from your competitors’ channels. For example you can create your own logo, use different channel art, thumbnails, and upload a channel trailer that encapsulates your video content.

    You’ve succeeded in finding your niche on YouTube.
    Your next step is to plan out your content so you don’t get stuck staring at a blank screen.

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    How To Identify Your Passion On YouTube And Start A YouTube Channel

    Have you ever had a job that you had no interest in? Maybe it paid well, but you had little or no interest in it. For example I lost interest after working 5 years as a science technician after college so I decided to quit and travel the world.

    The same applies when starting a YouTube Channel. You need to find a niche, topic, interest or hobby that you’re interested in pursuing otherwise you’ll lose interest, motivation and inspiration and it will fizzle out after a few weeks.

    Watch the video below


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    So what is Passion?
    According to Meriam Websters online dictionary definition “It’s a strong and barely controllable emotion. It’s an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction.

    What are the benefits of being passionate about your niche?
    When you’re passionate about something you have more energy, more enthusiasm and it spills over into the relationships of your friends and family. It will also help to override your fears, move you closer to your potential and open the doors to success.

    Here are the 7 ways to identify your passion on YouTube

    1. Create a list of things you like
    Passion already exists inside of you so you don’t have to go looking for it. It’s what get’s you excited so you can’t stop talking or thinking about it. Write down all the things that you currently like to do or have enjoyed doing in previous years.

    For example I love hiking, running , swimming, writing, making videos, skiing, martial arts, family, friends, nature, travel, gadgets and spirituality.

    2. Priortize your interests
    Take the 3 things you’re most interested in then list the reasons why they inspire or interest you. For example I enjoy running because it clears my mind, relieves stress, generates energy, gets me outside to enjoy nature, fresh air and stimulates creative ideas.

    3. Research your passion
    If you’re going to build a YouTube channel around your passion, you need to do a little research to find out if other people are interested in it. Enter your main keyword in the YouTube search box to discover the popular channels in your niche. Visit online forums, facebook groups, online magazines, and use the autosuggest feature in Google and YouTube to discover phrases that are related to your main keyword. You can then use these keyword phrases to create a video series for your channel.

    4. Fuel your passion
    One of the best ways to fuel your passion is to look for problems that need solving. When you help others it will add fuel to your passion because we are built to interact and help other people. For example it brings me great joy and inspiration if I can solve a problem that someone has been struggling with for days and weeks.

    5. Fail your way to success
    As you pursue your passion you’ll come across many failures and obstacles on your journey. This is normal so just embrace the problems because it will deepen your knowledge and you’ll be able to help someone along the way who has encountered the same obstacle. They will thank you for it.

    For example Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before he had success. His teachers said he was “too stupid to learn anything.” and he was fired from his first two jobs for being “non-productive.”

    So fail often.

    6. Success fuels passion
    When you give your full energy and attention to your passion it will result in success. Success may come in small amounts such as the first 100 views or first 100 subscribers. As you invest more time and energy your successes will multiply.

    7. I can’t find my passion
    Do you struggle to identify your passion? My kids struggled to identify the major to pursue at college. I told them to just pick something, instead of continually stressing and thinking over it. When you give something your full force and attention it will spark something inside of you. Sometimes you don’t know what will light the small flame of passion that exists inside of you until you try something new. For example my daughter absolutely feared skydiving until she overcame her fear and just did it. Now she wants to invite all her friends to do the same.

    There you have it, 7 ways to identify your passion and start a YouTube channel. Let me know in the comments below what you’re passionate about or how you discovered the passion for your channel.

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