Starting An Online Business – How to Have the Correct Mindset

mindsetBefore starting an online business you need to get your mind in order. Here are some things to think about before you dive in:

1. Make a commitment to go all the way

If you’re serious about doing business online you can’t just dabble in it. Commit yourself to finding one niche and stick with it to the end or make a time commitment.

2. Focus on one niche

Don’t jump from one opportunity to another. Decide on one idea and don’t get distracted by other offers even though they may look very appealing (there’s always something that looks better than what you have:-)

3. Follow your passion

Find a niche you’re passionate about. It will be easier to create content and market it. Your passion will also carry you through difficult times. If you select a niche you have no interest in you’ll soon lose interest and want to give up.

4. Surround yourself with positive people

You may be confronted by friends and relatives that say you are wasting your time and “get a real job.” Don’t listen to them. Instead relate to people who are in the same business by joining forums, master mind groups, attending teleseminars and reading blogs related to your field. You will receive a lot of positive support by interacting with people who have similar aspirations.

5. Create a business plan

Most businesses that are successful write a business plan which outlines their goals and objectives. It provides the road map to fulfilling your goals.

6. Create a marketing plan

Marketing is the life blood of your online business. If you don’t attract visitors to your web site you won’t make many sales. Choose several marketing strategies that work then stick with them. For example search engine optimzation, pay per click advertising, article marketing, blog.

7. Reward yourself

It’s easy to get consumed running your online business to the point where you get tired or burnt out. It’s important to keep up your energy level by eating and exercising regularly and rewarding yourself every time you accomplish your goals (especially if you the only sole proprietor of your business). Take breaks every 1 or 2 hours in the day to keep up your energy levels and you’ll continue to be productive.


Creating and running a successful online business takes discipline, hard work and a strong commitment. You’re not going to build it overnight so give yourself at least a year or 2 to make it work. Most businesses fail within the first 2 years so determine yourself to join the people who build an online business that is profitable.

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Herman Drost is the Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW)
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He started his online business in 2000. It has been thriving ever since.

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