Poison Ivy Paranoia Or Not?

A few weeks ago I was working out in the yard racking leaves, trimming hedges and weeding the garden. I noticed a small vine climbing up the side of the house. I immediately knew it was poison ivy because it had a red stem and 3 pointed leaves. 3 days later I work up in the morning itching all over my body. My skin broke out in numerous rashes and leaking blisters. It was extremely irritating. I was getting so irritated from scratching myself that I wanted to throw a brick through a window.
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My New Zealand Family Vacation

Mt Maunganui
It’s been 17 years since my family visited New Zealand. My kids were all under 6 years old so they don’t remember much about their previous visit. So I decided it was time for them to rekindle relationships with their uncles, aunts and cousins as well as get to know their Father’s birthplace. We decided to visit during New Zealand’s winter as it was the only time all our family was free (US summer holidays). Fortunately the temperature only goes down to zero at night but increases to 60 F during the day.
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LastPass Review – The Last Password You Will Ever Need To Remember

  • Are you sick and tired of trying to
    remember all your online passwords?
  • Do you worry about a hacker gaining access
    to all accounts on your computer?
  • Want to save time by just remembering one Master Password?
  • Want to quickly access all your accounts
    across all your devices?

Watch My Review of LastPass

Since the year 2000 I’ve created 100s of passwords to log in to different accounts online. I often used the same password for every account thus making my accounts vulnerable to hackers.

Whenever I cleared my browser cache and cookies I’d lose all my login passwords and need to refer to my excel spreadsheet to find them again…a huge waste of time.

If I tried to access my accounts from another computer I’d often waste time trying to remember what passwords I used..usually making several attempts to find the correct one.

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience. If so, the best solution is to sign up for LastPass…a secure password manager.

Here Are The Top 3 Benefits For Using LastPass
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5 Ways To Prevent “Shiny Object Syndrome”

shiny object syndrome

  • Do you currently have reports or software on your hard drive you’ve never opened or used?
  • Have you ever purchased products that did not deliver what they promised?
  • Did you ever buy products because the sales page was so good?

I have to confess I’ve purchased a lot of “stuff” online that still sits inside a folder on my computer waiting to be opened or installed. I bought it because I’d say to myself “I’d better get this now because I’ll probably need it later.” Inevitably I get busy with other things and soon forget what I’ve purchased and the initial excitement and enthusiasm for the product has disappeared.

What is “shiny object syndrome?”
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Niche Success Blueprint Review | How To Go From Start To Profit Training Course

One of the biggest mistakes beginning online marketers make is choosing the wrong niche or not knowing how to generate profits from it. There are 1000s abandoned websites on the Net from people who thought it would be easy to make a living online. They invested lots of time and money only to have their hopes dashed.

Let’s look at the Top 5 Benefits of the
Niche Success Blueprint Training Course

  • Learn how to make money from an interest you feel passionate about
  • Create recurring passive income
  • Supplement your current income or create retirement income
  • Ability to run your business from anywhere at anytime
  • Sell your products 24 hours a day on autopilot

What’s in the course?

  • Step-by-step blueprint that will take you from “start to profit
  • Receive a new module every week for 52 weeks
    so you implement as you go forward
  • Receive the most updated information (no outdated strategies)
  • Learn how to generate maximum profit potential in your niche

Here’s a sample of what’s included in Module One:
Starting A Successful Online Business >>

  • Niche Marketing Defined
  • Choosing Your Niche & Business Model Wisely
  • Three Ways To Choose Your Ideal Niche / Business Topic
  • Niche Brainstorming Exercise
  • The Importance of Niche Selection (Getting It Right!)
  • Defining Your Business Objectives
  • Did You Choose The Wrong Niche?

Who is this course for?

It’s ideal for total beginners, but still contains valuable nuggets for anyone in any niche that wants to improve and grow their online business this year. It’s also ideal for anyone who hasn’t figured out how to generate profits from their online business yet

How Much Does It Cost?

$37/month or $199/year (which comes out to less than $17/mo).
You’ll receive 52 training modules delivered weekly throughout the year
so you can move forward at your own pace.

Start building a profitable online business TODAY!
Click Here to get your copy of Niche Success Blueprint

You Should NOT Take This Course If…

  • You are constantly learning and never doing.
    (You must be able to Take Action to get real results)
  • You are afflicted with “Shiny Object Syndrome”
  • You are a service business based solely on responding to emergencies

My recommendation

The beauty of this course is that you won’t get overwhelmed with information because you only receive one new module every week. This gives you time to implement what’s in the module. Unlike many other courses I’ve purchased in the past, this course is very easy to follow and is a fantastic model for generating passive recurring income.

Start building a profitable online business TODAY!
Click Here to get your copy of Niche Success Blueprint

How To Find A Niche That’s Profitable Step-By-Step

Many beginner online marketers make the mistake of falling in love with a specfic product or topic only to find out later they’re unable to make a profit. They spend months building a website and promoting it then give up because it didn’t make them any money.

So how do you find a niche that’s profitable?
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Goal Setting – 5 Secrets To Success You Probably Never Thought Of

Article marketing strategy
Goal setting is a futile exercise if it’s not carefully planned out and acted upon. Every year I sit down to write out my goals for the new year then wonder why I didn’t accomplish them all. One of the main reasons is that I didn’t constantly refer back to them and created so many that I got overwhelmed.

Well, I have a solution for you that seems to work for me. You’ve probably heard of S.M.A.R.T. goals before but perhaps haven’t seen them personalized.

Let’s break down what these letters stand for:
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How To Identify Your Ideal Client And Increase Sales

ideal client

Are you getting traffic but no sales?
Are you writing blog posts that don’t get read?
Are you creating videos that don’t get viewed?

One of the biggest problems with online marketers (this includes myself) is not knowing the needs, wants and desires of their clients. Instead they create a product they think their client needs then wonder why it isn’t selling. You’ve got see things from your client’s viewpoint instead of your own.
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How To Set Goals And Achieve Success In 2013


You’ve probably heard the popular quote “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.” Perhaps you set some big goals for 2012 but then lost sight of them as you became busy trying to achieve them.

Building and running a business online requires a lot of discipline especially if you’re doing it all yourself. Often times you may feel overwhelmed because you need to continually build and market your website. Some of these things may include content writing, search engine optimization, link building, video marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click management, split testing web pages, writing a press release, podcasting, bookkeeping, publishing a newsletter, etc. These activities could easily occupy a full time marketing staff but because you can’t afford to hire employees you do it all yourself.

So let’s ask you some important questions.
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Product Creation – 4 Precautions to Take When Creating a New Product

product creation

Have you ever woken up early with an idea for a creating great product and just can’t go back to sleep because the idea is constantly mulling over in your mind? Well, I have. If you don’t take action on it immediately the inspiration fades away. I keep a notepad next to my bed so I can write down the idea before I forget about it.

4 Precautions to Take When Creating a New Product

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