Link Building Strategies for Bing

Link Building Strategies for Bing
Most webmasters focus exclusively on getting good rankings in Google because it’s what most people use when doing a search. By ignoring the other major search engines you lose the visitors that don’t use Google. Bing and Yahoo also attract a great number of people. Recently Bing improved it’s market share so it’s worthwhile pursuing link building strategies for this search engine.

Link Building Strategies for Bing

Be careful how you acquire links to your web site. If Bing detects a sudden massive increase in links it may trigger a spam filter and handicap your ranking potential. Don’t link to sites that are unrelated to your own. Bing rewards you for relevancy. For example if your site is about camping seek out blogs, forums, etc that relate to camping.

Here are some link building tips recommended by the Bing community

  • Develop your site as a business brand and be consistent about that branding in your content
  • Identify relevant industry experts, product reviewers, bloggers, and media people and let them know about your site and its content
  • Write and publish concise, informative press releases online as developments warrant

  • Publish expert articles to online article directories

  • Participate in relevant blogs and forums and refer back to your site’s content when applicable (Note that some blogs and forums add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to links created in user-generated content (UGC). While creating links to your content in these locations won’t automatically create backlinks for search engines, readers who click through and like what they find may create outbound links to your site, and those are good.)

  • Use social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to connect to industry influencers to establish contacts, some of whom may connect back to you (be sure you have your profiles set up with links back to your website first)

  • Create an online newsletter on your site with e-mail subscription notifications

  • Launch a blog or interactive user forum on your site

  • Join and participate in relevant industry associations and especially in their online forums

  • Ultimately, strive to become a trusted expert voice for your industry and let people know that your website contains your published wit and wisdom

Link building for smart webmasters

Link building must be done consistently and frequently to be effective. Make a goal of acquiring new incoming links each week while constantly adding new content.

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