Blog Redesign – The 7 Strategic Steps I Took When Redesigning My Blog

Why are there more abandoned blogs on the Net than live ones? If you jump into designing or redesiging your blog without proper planning you won’t be happy with it. Like any journey it starts with a strategic plan that’s followed up by taking action.

Here are the 7 strategic steps I took when redesigning this blog:

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Genesis Framework – Steps to Convert Your Old WordPress Theme To Genesis

Does your current blog design look tired and outdated?
Is it optimized for the search engines?
Not converting well?

After 6 years of maintaining the old design of this blog I decided to create a new design based on the Genesis Framework. My old design was based on a free theme customized to suit my business model..web design, hosting and marketing. Over the last few years new blog designs have emerged to better cater to computer users and the search engines.

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Blog Redesign – 7 Reasons To Redesign Your Blog

When I started I decided to use WordPress over Joomla because it was more user friendly plus response times from the forums were fast. This is especially helpful when you’re beginning to design and build your first blog. I also customized a free template to suit my web design blog. After sticking with the the same design for several years I decided it was time for a redesign.


Here are 7 Reasons to Redesign Your Current Blog

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