Blog Redesign – 7 Reasons To Redesign Your Blog

When I started I decided to use WordPress over Joomla because it was more user friendly plus response times from the forums were fast. This is especially helpful when you’re beginning to design and build your first blog. I also customized a free template to suit my web design blog. After sticking with the the same design for several years I decided it was time for a redesign.


Here are 7 Reasons to Redesign Your Current Blog

1. Appearance

Visitors judge your website by first impressions so if it doesn’t look professional they’ll leave and go elsewhere. There are 100s of free WordPress templates to choose from any one of which can be customized to represent your business.

2. Stable platform

WordPress has become the most popular platform for managing content on the web. No longer is the platform just used for blogs but it is flexible enough to build any type of website. For instance I recently built an e-commerce website using a customized plugin.

3. Professional templates

There are many excellent WordPress developers that have designed professional templates containing clean code and are search engine friendly. I prefer these templates over free ones because they contain no coding errors.

4. Security

Because WordPress is so popular it attracts hackers who continually try to challenge it’s security. If your website gets hacked you may lose several years of content investment. Now WordPress makes it easy to automatically update it’s core software with one click from the backend administration panel.

5. Stable framework

The problem with using free WordPress themes is they often have security vulnerabilities plus support may be limited or non existent if the developer has departed. For example when I had support questions related to my first WordPress theme the original developer was no where to be found.

The Genesis Framework from Studio Press is a stable framework on which you can develop and customize professionally designed templates.

Some of the features include:

  • One click updates within the admin panel
  • Search engine optimized
  • State of the art security
  • Easy customization
  • Turn-key designs
  • Multiple template layouts
  • Clean code

6. User friendly

If you’re going to invest countless hours into building out your blog it has to appeal to your visitors. For instance if the elements on your pages appear cluttered it will be difficult for users to read the content. Your blog should have plenty of white space between all elements on the page and be easy to navigate to the other sections.

7. Clear purpose

Is the purpose of your blog to build a list, provide a service or sell products? Before you even begin your redesign clarify it’s purpose so you won’t confuse your readers then choose a design that matches the purpose.

How to Overcome Paralysis of Analysis

With so many design options available it’s easy to be confused what to do and end up doing nothing or delaying your redesign project. Just make a decision (even if you are not sure it’s the right one) and go for it. It’s better to take action then make adjustments later than to drive yourself crazy and not generate any profits.

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