Dollar A Day AdWords Review – How to Maximize Your Profits Without Wasting Your Money

If you want to instantly attract targeted visitors to your web site, pay per click (PPC) marketing enables you to create ads that appear on the first page of the top search engines. This means you can start making sales immediately. Even if you don’t have a web site you can send visitors to an affiliate site and reap the rewards.

Most people that try PPC marketing often give up because they end up spending more than they invest. You can quickly and easily spend 100s or even 1000s of dollars and not see a profit.

Dollar a Day Strategy Case Study

Setting up my first Google AdWords campaign

When I set up my first Google AdWords campaign I wanted to make sales immediately so I made sure I got the top ad position in and set a high daily budget with the idea I would generate a lot of sales. Within a week I received 1000s of impressions, 100s of clicks but didn’t generate one sale. I used up all my budget which amounted to 100s of dollars.

I subsequently set up several more campaigns hoping to achieve success by doing extensive keyword research, tweaking and split testing my ads, however I still didn’t make any profit and ended up spending more than I invested.

Creating multiple campaigns with Dollar a Day Strategy

After getting the wind knocked out of my sails from my initial campaigns I read books and attended seminars on pay per click marketing. I was inspired by the idea of just spending a dollar a day to test affiliate products to market so I bought the Dollar A Day AdWords ebook.

Lessons learned from Dollar a Day Strategy

1. Test marketing

Before investing money in your campaigns test them. The Dollar a Day strategy enables you to test multiple campaigns at the same time without spending a fortune on your budget. Once you start making sales you have the option of increasing your bids and daily budget.

2. Keyword strategies

If the cost per click of your keyword is high you’ll spend your budget very quickly. With the Dollar a Day strategy you’ll learn effective keyword strategies that enable you to reduce your cost per click.

3. Write effective ads

You only have a few lines to make the visitor click on your ad and see your offer. The Dollar a Day strategy will show you how to write ads that communicate your offer to your customer and improve sales conversions.


If you want to maximize your profits without spending a fortune marketing your product on Google AdWords, learn how to test market your products, learn effective keyword strategies and write traffic pulling ads, pick up a copy of Dollar a Day AdWords.

I highly recommend it!