Google Chrome Web Browser – benefits and uses

There’s a new browser kid on the block put out by Google called Chrome. So why do you need another browser? I suspect it’s not only to compete with Microsoft but to integrate with all the Google other applications. ie One of these is its online office suite which competes with Microsoft’s expensive office software. Like all Google’s applications it is Open Source which means you can study the code and even improve it if you’re a programmer.

Specs of Google Chrome:

* Built for Web applications rather than Web pages.
* Has its own JavaScript engine to power web applications.
* Uses browser tabs that get their own URL box making each tab a browser window.
* No about:blank pages. Chrome defaults to a page featuring the four most used search engines and the user’s nine most visited Web pages.
* Chrome has an “Incognito” mode to erase browser history when the browser is closed.
* Chrome can be “streamlined” so that the toolbar and URL box are hidden and only the web page is shown on the screen.
* Good security. Chrome sandboxes Web pages, preventing drive-by downloads and installations.
* Continuously makes contact with Google to update a list of known malware sites in order to warn the user.
* One box for everything – type in address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.
* Thumbnails of your top sites – access your favorite pages instantly from any new tab.
* Shortcuts for your applications – get desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications.
* Available only for Windows for now, Google plans to release versions for Mac and Linux as well.
* Users less memory that competing browsers

How will Chrome affect Webmasters and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

1. Web Site appearance

If chrome gains popularity among internet users web designers will need to optimize their new designs to accommodate this new browser. Microsoft has already come out with Internet Explorer 8 and we now can upgrade to Firefox 3. It may be a good idea to ask your client what browser they are currently using so at least their own site will display correctly.

If you’re a web designer I recommend downloading all 3 main browsers to your computer and testing all new web sites with each of them. So far there are no compatibility problems if you have them all on your desktop.

2. Suggested web sites

If your site ranks for your keywords, Chrome will suggest it in the browser.

3. Free marketing

Google Chrome says if you make your content remarkable, they’ll market it for free to their users directly in the OmniBox.


It will be a while before Google Chrome gains popularity however take it for a spin to test it yourself. It’s another tool that may aid you in designing, optimizing and marketing web sites.