How to Convert Your Article to a Press Release

how to convert your article to a press release
Press releases are a highly effective method for building traffic to your product or service. It’s not used much by online marketers so you can use it to stand out from your competitors. The biggest problem in getting started is writing the press release however the steps below will show you how to convert the content you’ve already written into a press release for your business.

1. Release instructions

This is placed at the top of your document . Mention if it’s for “immediate release” or “for release on some future date.”

2. Create a newsworthy headline

Press release distribution sites are looking for stories that will capture the attention of their audience. Look at the articles written in newspapers. They often begin with a story to capture the attention of the reader.


Instead of your title saying “How to Convert Your Article to A Press Release” write “Mary shows you how to gain free publicity by converting your article to a press release”

3. Create a summary

Write 2 or 3 sentences that expand on your headline. It should summarize what your press release (article) is about.

4. Add your main content

This should consist of 400-500 words maximum explaining the significance of your topic and how it will help your audience. For example if you were to take the topic of this article you could describe how press releases help attract traffic, build your brand and get high rankings in the search engines.

If your article contains how to information that sounds boring spice it up a little to make it more newsworthy. Try to make your story relevant and create a sense of urgency. This will help it get accepted by the media.

5. Create an about section

This should summarize what your company is about. Include a call to action by introducing your product or service, where the business is located and web site address.

6. Include contact information

This is added to the end of your press release so media can contact you for any questions. Include the contact person, their position, name of the company, phone number and email address.

7. The ending

End your press release by adding ### centered at the bottom.

Google “free press release websites” to find locations online where you can submit your document.

If you’re introducing a new product, service or have redesigned your web site consider sending a press release to let people know about it. It’s a fast and easy way to generate immediate traffic.

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