How to Split Test Your Google Ads

Do you want to increase the sales from your web site or ad?

You could randomly try different things hoping to increase conversion rates however this is like throwing mud at a wall and hoping it will stick.

A more scientific method is using split testing. This allows you to monitor small changes to your ad or web page. You can test different headlines, graphics, navigation or content. Often one small change can result in a higher conversion rate.

How to split test your Google Ads

1. Create a Google Adwords account

This can be done in 15 minutues at:

2. Create 2 ads that are slightly different .

One can be the control ad where nothing is changed and the other is the test ad where you’ve changed one keyword. Only change one thing at a time when testing so you can observe which factor makes a difference.

3. Create a landing page

This could be the home page of your web site or a sales page. Since you are only testing which ad works best the landing page should be the same for both ads.

If you were testing landing pages you would create 2 different URLS then split the number of visitors you receive from the ads between the 2 URLS.

4. Track your ads

Place a tracking URL within each ad to monitor which ad pulls best. I use AdTrackz.
It enables you to test any URL, do split testing and shorten long URLS by cloaking them. You can then monitor all your tracking campaigns within AdTrackz with one click.

5. Analyze your results

By split testing these 2 ads you can clearly determine what information works best. Simple changes to the ad such as changing the headline or altering one word may result in a higher click through rate.

Split-Test Your Adwords Ads In 2 Minutes Or Less

A/B spit testing your Google Ads

If you are looking for a fast way to market your products
or business, then Google AdWords is a great solution. You
can set up an AdWords campaign within a few minutes and be
making good money within days.

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