How to Use Articles for Link Building

How to Use Articles for Link Building
Link building is a highly effective method for generating traffic to your web site or blog. A link from a high quality site will boost your search engine rankings. For example if CNN featured your business on their site you would receive a sudden boost in traffic. Getting back links from high traffic sites is not easy because most people don’t exchange links anymore.

Another method is to get lots of sites linking to yours. The more links you receive the better your rankings. This can be a very time consuming process.

Benefits of Articles for Link Building

Writing articles kills 2 birds with one stone. You get high quality links from article directories plus the more articles you write and submit the more links you generate. The top article directories receive millions of visitors every week so you will receive some of those visitors. Ezine publishers or site owners may select your article for their ezine or add it to their web page thus multiplying your link power.

How to Use Articles for Link Building

  • Choose a niche you’re passionate about.
  • Create a list of keywords on your niche topic
  • Write a 400-500 word article for each keyword.
  • Weave the keyword into your title, introductory paragraph, article body and resource box.
  • The 2 links in the resource box should include anchor text using the keyword plus your full web site address.
  • Submit your article(s) to the top article directories.

Repurpose your articles to build more links

Create a short report

If you write a series of articles, create a short report by bundling them together. Submit your report to ebook directories. Offer it for free to other site owners and ezine publishers. The links within your report will spread virally throughout the net.

Publish it to your blog or web site

Continually adding content to your blog or web site causes search engines to spider it. It also increases the stickiness of your site for visitors. They’ll want to link to your articles.

Be a guest blogger
Search for bloggers in your niche and offer exclusive rights to your article. If it’s a very popular blog you’ll get lots of links and traffic from people reading your article and finding your site from the link in your resource box.

Publish to social media sites

Add your article to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Hubpages, etc. By varying the locations you receive links from, assures search engines you’re not spamming them by generating links from one source.

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