Conversion Rates – How to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Sales Page

I highly recommend creating your own sales page so you can make the necessary changes for producing higher conversion rates. Often one small change to your page will result in converting more visitors into buyers.

Once you create your first sales page you can use this skill for writing sales letters, landing pages and web page content or offer it as a service to others.

I outlined the structure for writing a sales page in this article…

How to Write an Effective Sales Letter for Your eBook

How to Increase Conversion Rates With An Attractive Design

Your sales page must look professional. If you can’t create/design one yourself get a professional designer to create one for you or find a sharp looking template.

Background and text colors
Use dark text on a light background e.g. black text on white or a dark background with light text e.g. black background with white text.

Header graphic
Create a professional header graphic that includes the main benefit of your ebook. Visitors usually see this first because it appears so prominently on the page. Some sales pages don’t have a header graphic because the owner believes it distracts the reader from the content. They use a large heading instead. You will only know what works best if you test with and without the header graphic. I use an attractive header graphic with the top benefit written on it so make a strong impression when the visitor first sees the page.

Your main headline your stand out from the rest of the page. It should have the largest font. The teaser headline (headline before main headline) should be small..12 pixels. The headline after your main headline should be a little smaller than the main one.

White Space
This is the space you create around elements on your sales page. It makes your content easier to read. Use lots of white space around your ebook image (or other images) and between paragraphs. Create CSS boxes with borders for customer testimonials.

Use different colors to attract attention for the text. e.g. the main headline could be bright blue and the main text black if using a white background. Testimonial text could be light blue on a yellow background to contrast it from the rest of the page. Bold your main keyword phrases to make them stand out.

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