Website Conversion: How to Pre-sell Visitors on Your Web Pages

website conversion

The purpose of your website is to convert visitors into buyers. When someone finds your website based on the keyword they entered in the search engines they expect to receive information related to that keyword.

If your website doesn’t pre-sell your visitors they’ll quickly leave and go to your competitors. This will reduce your website conversions rates.

Steps to pre-sell visitors and increase conversion

1. View your website statistics

In order to find out what keywords were used to find your website view the statistics that come with your hosting plan (Aw Stats). If the Google Analytics code has been added to your web pages, login to your account to view the data. The keywords that received the most searches means they are the most popular ones. There may even be keywords that you never thought of.

2. Write an article for each keyword

Content is King on the Net so the more content you add to your site the more visitors you’ll receive. You already know the keywords people are using to find your content so writing an article based on these keywords gives visitors more information. Make sure you include the keyword several times throughout the article e.g. heading, sub headings and main content. Write primarily for your visitors not for the search engines. Optimize the web page containing the article by including the keyword in the title, description and keyword meta tags.

Place a call to action at the end of each article. Examples of this include: a subscription box, link to a product, short report or related articles. If you wish to sell a product from your web page, write about all the benefits of the product then introduce it an the end of the article. Your visitor will be more inclined to purchase it after reading your article instead of simply displaying the product on its own.

Once you start writing you often get ideas for similar articles. Write these ideas down for future reference. You could generate a series of articles that can be made into a short report or ebook and sold or offered for free from your website.

3. Create an article section

Make it easy for visitors to find all your articles by adding a link to your navigation menu. If you have lots of articles in multiple categories, create a table of contents page that clearly lists all your category and article topics. Each article title should link to it’s own web page.

4. Use autoresponders

Autoresponders allow multiple messages to be sent automatically over intervals of time. For example you could create a series of lessons (or tutorial) sent every few days to your opt in list of subscribers. Offer a free report in exchange for contact information filled out from the opt-in form on your website.

5. Include multi media

Make use of multi media tools such as video, audio, flash, images to engage your audience and enhance your content. Some visitors prefer watching and/or listening rather than reading your content.

You’ll make more sales if your website visitor is more informed about the product or service you offer. Pre-sell them with great content and you’ll keep them coming back for more.

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