Top Search Engine Rankings or Not

You’ve probably received numerous email solicitations from unknown marketing companies promising top search engine rankings.

Well, don’t be fooled into accepting these offers because search engines are always changing the formulas for which they rank web sites. Your site may be at the top for a few weeks, months or years but suddenly lose its rankings or disappear altogether.

If your sales were totally dependent on top search engine rankings, you would suddenly have little or no business.

4 Highly Effective Methods to Promote Your Web Site and Prevent it from Losing its Current Rankings:

1. Write unique content

Internet users don’t want to find duplicate pages when doing a search for specific information. Writing unique content allows your information to stand out from the rest of the material on the Internet.

2. Don’t participate in link farms

Link farms are where you are exchanging links with 1000s of other sites that are often unrelated to yours with the purpose of boosting your search engine rankings. This method has been abused by so many people that search engines will penalize those sites that engage in this practice.

Only exchange links with sites that compliment yours. Focus on getting many one-way links by writing and submitting articles to online publications.

3. Fix broken links

Broken links prevent search engines from indexing your site properly because they follow the links on your web page to other sites. Run your web pages through a link validator whenever you add new pages or before uploading your new site.

4. Use different marketing strategies

If you rely on only one marketing strategy your site traffic may suddenly dry up if that method no longer works. i.e. if you suddenly lose your top rankings in the search engines, your business could collapse.

Use several marketing strategies on a continuous basis so if one no longer works, your web traffic still keeps flowing.

5. Validate Web Pages

You want to allow the search engines to make it as easy as possible to quickly spider your website. Web browsers are getting more sophisticated as the web expands with 1000s of new web sites coming online everyday. By making sure all your web pages validate, you will be safe guarding your site for the future.

If you leave it for later when you may have 100s of unvalidated pages, it will take you 100s of hours to correct then all.

Maintaining top search engine rankings is possible if you constantly monitor your site, and remain persistent in your marketing strategies.


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