Video Engagement: 7 Ways To Make Your Videos More Engaging

video engagement

Are your current videos getting a lot of views?
Are your visitors staying until the end of your video?
Are they leaving responses?

One of Google’s main ranking factors is how long visitors stay on your web page or watch your video. If they leave your page or video within a few seconds it means you haven’t kept their attention. This is hard to do these days because people make the decision to continue or not within a fraction of a second.

Let’s look at 7 ways to make your videos more engaging

1. Get their attention right away

Most videos begin by first introducing their logo or a short video clip about their company. People are not interested in first hearing about a company they’re not familiar with. They want to immediately know what the video is about and determine if it’s worth watching. For example begin by saying something like.. “In this video I’d like to give you 3 tips on how to make your videos more engaging.”

This makes the viewer curious what is coming next and will keep watching to the end get the rest of the content. After your short intro include your logo while introducing yourself and your company.

2. Add text boxes, images and music

This works best with talking head videos because just watching a person talking all the time is boring unless the content is exactly what the viewer is looking for. A text box or image can easily be added in your video editing software. Playing music in the background adds variety and depth to your video. Adding these 3 additional features helps break up the monotony of watching the video and enhance your content.

3. Provide quality content

If you’re rambling on about yourself or something unrelated to the title of your video your visitors will leave. Try to present the solution(s) to one of the biggest problems your audience wants to solve. This will keep them watching until the end.

4. Keep it short

If a video on YouTube is more than 3 minutes long it loses my attention. I’ve made the mistake of trying to present all 10 tips of content in one long video instead of splitting it into several shorter videos. People are more open to watching short videos than long ones unless it’s for a membership site where you’re receiving video tutorials.

5. Be more energized than you normally are

Videos reduce the energy you normally experience if sitting across from a live person. This may be due to the artificiality of the medium you’re using to communicate. To remedy this problem speak louder than you normally would, move your arms, look directly into the camera lens and smile a lot.

6. Zoom in and out

Instead of just filming your subject in one position take a close shot by zooming in on him or her then zooming out so the subject appears further away from the camera. Alternating these types of shots throughout your video helps keep your visitor’s attention.

7. Promise a gift

Begin your video by promising the viewer they’ll receive a free gift or a secret strategy at the end. It will motivate and inspire him or her to keep watching. The free gift may include a free e-book, report or software.

Watch How to Make Your Videos More Engaging

Implement one or all of these 7 tips in your next video then leave a comment below to let us know how it worked out for you. Include any additional tips which helped make your videos more engaging.

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