Web Content – How to Repurpose Info Products

Have you ever written an article, ebook or report only to have it sitting on your hard drive gathering electronic dust?
The good news is that you can repurpose the content and make money from it.

Definition of repurposing content

This is where you take the content you created and convert it into different formats for different types of audiences.

Here are some different formats for repurposing content:

home study courses
blog content
press releases

Benefits of repurposing content

1. Market to a wider audience

There are 4 types of learners:

visual learning – people who learn by viewing ie video content

auditory learning – people who learn by listening ie audio content

tactile learning- people who learn by touching ie books, home study courses

kinesthetic learning – learning takes place by carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening or watching. The person takes action first as opposed to having thought first.

You may also learn by incorporating all these different types. For example, you initially listen to a teleseminar then get the transcript later where you discover information you did not pick up in the teleseminar.

2. Make more money

By catering to the different types of learners with content provided in different formats you can multiply your earnings. ie you may sell an ebook for $27.00 that can be converted into a series of videos may sell for $97.00.

3. Show your personality

Audio or video content allows you to include your personality. Unless you are a professional copywriter you can’t express your enthusiasm as much in words as in audio or video. Expanding your medium beyond text will attract more customers.

4. You don’t have to be an expert writer

Even if you can’t write or spell well you can still make money from re-purposing content. For example you can interview an expert and record the conversation on audio or video then sell the content. Of course you will need to share the profits with your expert initially however you can make lots of money by selling it in different formats ie sell the video for $27.00 then upsell it for $37.00 by including the video and transcript as a package deal.


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