What Is Your Video Marketing Strategy?

video marketing strategy

One of the biggest mistakes beginning video marketers make is not having a clear purpose and goal when creating their videos. Video is currently the hot marketing trend so they jumped on the bandwagon without thinking long term. The author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” says “begin with the end in mind.” This means you have to think about the results you want to achieve with your videos.

Here are 5 steps to clearly define your video marketing strategy

1. Clarify Your Purpose

When I first begin shooting videos I just did it for fun which was a good motivator however they were not geared to building my business because they looked awful, received little or no views and weren’t optimized for the search engines. As I got better by consistently creating new videos I transformed by thinking with the goal of using them to drive traffic to my websites and generating new leads.

2. Have A Measurable Goal

Now that you’ve clarified your purpose think about a goal that can be measured. For instance if the purpose of your videos is to get viewers to subscribe to your list, then make sure you track the statistics. If you’re using Aweber or some other Mailing List Provider, you’ll be able to monitor how many new subscribers sign up each day. If your goal is to get 70 new subscribers a week then you’ll need to create enough targeted videos that generate 10 per day.

3. Create Targeted Content
Now that you have a clear purpose and a measurable goal, create a list of topics to create videos for. If you’re stuck for topics open up the Google Keyword Tool and do a search on your main keyword. The tool will generate a list of related keywords. Create a separate video for each keyword by expanding on the title. Short 2-3 minute videos are best to maintain the attention of your viewers.

4. Clear Call To Action

Your ultimate goal is to get viewers to take action so make sure you tell viewers know what to do, why they should do it and how to do it in each video. Instead of just saying it it the video, re-emphasize the points using annotations ie “click here to subscribe to my free report.”

5. Monitor Your Results

Don’t just let your campaigns run without analyzing your video statistics. Utilize YouTube Analytics to see if viewers are watching your video to the end. If you’re getting lots of views but no one is subscribing to your list it may mean your content is not good enough to keep the attention of your viewers. To solve this problem create content that solves the problems of your audience.

What is the goal of your videos?
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