8 Steps to Achieve Business Success in 2007

There is a saying that goes something like:

“If you want to keep getting what you are getting,
keep doing what you are doing?

This means you don’t make any changes to your business
model and therefore can expect the same results as the
previous year.

If you want to improve your business you need to set doable

Here are 8 steps how to achieve your business goals in 2007.

1. Write down all the goals you wish to achieve for your
business in 2007. Don’t bother to evaluate them at this
stage. This should take less than ten minutes.

2. Number these goals in order of priority, with the most
important ones appearing first.

3. Under each of your goals list the ways you are going to
achieve them.
Be specific as possible. If they are too
general it’s not likely you will take action.

4. Write down the action steps for each of your goals. For
example if your goal is to write an e-book, you may write
something like..

“I will write one page per day for 3 months to have my
e-book ready to market by the end of April”.

5. Keep a copy of your goals near your computer so you can
stay on track to accomplishing them. If you can’t see them
you will soon lose sight of them i.e. “out of sight, out of

6. Evaluate your goals from time to time. Don’t be afraid
to adjust them if you find they are not specific enough.
You can also change them completely if you find they don’t
fit your business.

7. Keep a positive attitude. There may be times when you
will be influenced by negative thinking or naysayers. This
will drag you down and prevent the fulfillment of your
business goals. Communicate with others who are also in the
same business or are supportive of your goals.


Accomplishing your goals is the key to happiness.
It provides the building blocks for continued success
in your business which will lead to a great sense of
fulfillment, pride, and confidence.

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