How To Add A Free Call-To-Action Overlay On Your YouTube Video To Increase Engagement

Do you want to get more engagement from your YouTube videos?
Do you want to place a free clickable ad banner across your video?

The call to action overlay adds a small clickable banner to the bottom of your video so you can direct viewers to a landing page or social media site.

Here are the steps to add a free
call-to-action overlay on your YouTube video…

Watch the video below…

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  • Log into your adwords account
  • Go to
  • Click on the drop down box
  • Click “online video”
  • Enter all your details…campaign name, video, etc
  • Choose a budget like $5.00 but you won’t be paying that at all
  • Networks…you can leave that as is
  • Leave countries as is
  • Add your video URL
  • Leave in-stream ad checked
  • Uncheck in-display box
  • Put in your display URL
  • Put your full URL in the destination URL box
  • Add a companion banner if you want…I’ll leave it as is
  • Leave the ad name as it is
  • Save and continue

Once you’ve set up the campaign you’ll have to wait for your ad to be reviewed by Google and once it’s reviewed you’ll get approved. Pause your campaign so you don’t pay anything.

  • Click on “Add Call-To-Action overlay”
  • Add your headline ie..Get Free YouTube Traffic
  • Add Display URL
  • Add your destination URL which is the full URL of your landing page
  • Leave mobile enabled
  • Click save

Let’s check the video….

You will see the call to action overlay banner appear at the bottom of the video. If you click on the banner it will redirect to the landing page.

Keep in mind the banner only appears for a few seconds.
You will not be paying anything for the call-to-action overlay.

Now if you log into your YouTube channel you go to the “info and settings” tab. You’ll see a new link down at the bottom of your video. Click on “call-to-action overlay” and you’ll see a display URL, destination URL, a headline and image.

If you make any changes then click save, the changes will be reflected in your video.

That’s it!

Here’s an important thing to keep in mind….

If you’ve already added a YouTube Card to your video your call to action overlay will not appear. Therefore make sure you only add the call to action overlay to the videos that don’t contain Cards.

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