How To Add Captions On YouTube Videos To Extend Your Audience & Boost Your Rankings

If you want your YouTube videos to reach as many people as possible, make sure you include closed captions to reach the deaf and hard of hearing. The text included in your transcript will also help your videos to rank better in Google.

Here are the steps to add closed captions on YouTube videos:

Watch the 2 min video at:

  • Transcribe your video content before starting the closed caption process
  • So I’ve opened up my text edit file on the MAC and I’ve transcribed all the video content
  • Log into your YouTube channel
  • Click on video manager
  • Select the video that you want to add closed captions to
  • Click on the drop down next to edit
  • Go to “subtitles and cc”
  • Select the video language
  • Click English
  • Click “add subtitles or CC”
  • Click English
  • Click “transcribe and set timings”
  • Go to your text edit file
  • Highlight all the transcribed video content
  • Copy it (command+c on the mac)
  • Paste the textual content into the box (command+v on the mac)
  • Click “set timings” to sync your transcript with the video
  • Setting the timings will take a few minutes
  • Once they’re ready your closed captions will automatically be published on your video
  • Check to see if your captions appear correctly on your video
  • Click English (setting timings..)
  • Make sure your cc (closed captions) are turned on
  • Play the video
  • Check again to make sure your closed captions display correctly
  • Click “publish” and a message will appear saying … English publishing…click to update)
  • Click to update
  • And now you will have 2 green buttons… English (automatic) and English

That’s it!

Studies show captions increase the completion rate of your video from 40% to 80%. They also help your video get exposed to a larger audience and boost your search engine rankings. This will give your content more exposure so you can get more leads and generate more sales.

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  1. I think adding captions on video is really helps videos to rank well on youtube as well as google. Captions also increase user experience on video & keep them to watch the full video.

    Thanks for your nice post 🙂

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