How To Create An AdWords Compliant Landing Page For Your YouTube Ads

Are you struggling to create a landing page for your
YouTube ads that Google will accept?

Has creating an adwords compliant landing page prevented
you from using YouTube Ads to promote your business?

Your landing is the page a visitor sees when they click on the in-stream ad that plays before they watch a YouTube Video.

This could a a stand-alone page or a page on your own website. The purpose of your page is to generate leads, build a list or make sales.

Here are the 7 ingredients to create a
compliant adwords landing page:

Watch the video below…

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1. Relevancy
The page should provide what the ad promises and what the user wants. Show them visually what they’ll receive.

2. Place the page on it’s own domain name
You can add a landing page to your own website or register a new domain.

3. Create a clear navigation menu
Include contact, privacy policy, legal disclaimer links at the bottom of your page. Avoid distracting visitors from your content by creating additional links.

4. Add contact information
Include your business information on the contact page such as the name, address and telephone number.

5. Check the page load time
Make sure your page loads quickly when someone clicks on your ad whether they are on a mobile device or desktop. Use the page insights tool to check the performance of your landing page.

6. Avoid pop-ups
Pop-ups will only distract visitors from viewing the content on your page.

7. Read Google’s Ad Policies
Just Google “AdWords Policies” and become familiar with the content on the page. If for some reason your landing page doesn’t get approved by Google then contact them by phone, email or use their chat communication form.

That’s it!

Now you know the 7 ingredients to create an adwords compliant
landing page for your YouTube Ads.

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