Article Marketing – How to Identify Your Passion

It’s easier to write about something you’re passionate about than a topic you have no interest in. Then how do you go about finding that passion? This takes some reflection especially if nothing immediately comes to mind.

Here are some ways to help you identify your passion:

1. What do enjoy doing or have you enjoyed doing in the past?
It could be a sport, hobby, interest, friendship, sickness you’ve overcome or task you accomplished.

2. Childhood memories

Is there something in your childhood you vividly remember e.g. hiking, surfing, camping, traveling, gardening, fundraising?

3. Problem solving

Do you enjoy fixing things e.g. cars, radios, houses? Many folks would love to know how to repair certain things but have no clue how to go about it. If you create an information product giving detailed instructions you could have a winning product.

Identify the people who are desperately trying to find something online then offer them that product or service. If there is no demand for your product, you will not make much money.

Create a long list of topics so you have a large number of choices. One topic is not enough. If there is no demand for it you will have no other topic to choose from.

My next post will discuss keyword research to see if people are searching for your keyword phrase in the search engines.

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