Article Rewriting – Top 3 Ways to Rewrite Your Articles

article rewriting
Article rewriting can be boring because you get tired of looking at the same content however the top writers create multiple drafts before submitting their final copy for publication. The final copy becomes their best one because the content has been refined and major grammar, spelling errors eliminated.

To understand the benefits of rewriting your article please read..
Top 5 reasons to rewrite your article

Let’s look at some of the ways to rewrite an article

1. Do it yourself

If you’re the person that wrote the original content it will be easy to write similar content based on what you’ve already written. Simply rewrite the title and paragraphs by altering the sentence structure and using synonyms or write the article from a different angle ie create a list, write a story, etc.

2. Ghostwriter

As a writer you often don’t want to write the article again. This may be due to:

  • lack of time
  • tired of looking at the same content
  • lack of creative ideas
  • lack confidence to create different content from the original
  • lack motivation

If you fall into any one of the above categories, consider hiring a ghostwriter to create another version of your article.

A ghostwriter will have a different writing style than yourself so the article will be fresh and unique. It will address the same topic from a different angle so it can’t be distinguished from the original.

To find a ghostwriter, enter “need an article” in the Google search box.

3. Article rewriting software

There is software that spins your article automatically creating 100s of even 1000s versions of the same article. The problem is that the article often doesn’t read well. It’s obvious it was not written by a human. These types of articles often get rejected by quality article directories.

Only use software which allows you to open up the original article to modify or rewrite it yourself then save several unique versions for publication.

I use Article Architect to write, rewrite and submit my articles to multiple directories. Other features built into the software include:

  • title brainstormer
  • keyword research
  • word/character counter
  • publishing content directly to your WordPress Blog

Instead of writing, saving and publishing one article at a time, this software will store all your articles in one location for easy access.

Cut your article writing and rewriting time by 75%
by purchasing Article Architect.


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