Article Topics – How to Rapidly Select and Expand an Article Topic

Have you ever looked for a long time at a blank screen hoping for an article topic to pop into your mind? It is called writer’s block. It happens to the best writers also.

4 top strategies for selecting article topics:

1. Choose a topic you are passionate about or are interested in.

If you try to write about something you are not familiar with you will have a difficult time creating the content for it.

2. Explore other resources

Once you have chosen the area to write about, visit online and offline locations where people visit that are also interested in those topics. Online sources may include search engines, forums, blogs, article directories ( or join a discussion group.

Offline resources may include magazines (, books (, newspapers, journals and white papers.

After visiting some of these sources you will soon get an idea what to write about. Reading articles written by others will stimulate your own writing juices. Everyone has there own unique writing style so don’t copy anyone else’s article. Uniquely written articles get read more often and rank higher in the search engines.

3. Keyword research

Before writing your article you need to research the keywords and keyword phrases people use to find information on that topic. Use the free word tracker tool to find the number of searches for that month.

For example if you enter “dog grooming” in wordtracker it will display the top 100 keyword phrases out of 3,785 searches for that month.

Keyword research tools

I often use the keyword research tool: Search It. because it contains all the brainstorming tools you need in one place ie

Wordtracker free keyword suggestion tool
Google adwords keyword tool
Seodigger keyword tool
Yahoo keyword selector tool

4. Find related keywords

The google adwords tool generates lists of related keywords. Enter each of these related keywords into wordtracker. You will now have hundreds of topics (and sub-topics) you can write about.


Whenever you think of a new topic, jot it down for future reference, then when you get stuck for a subject you can refer back to this paper. It will save hours of your time deciding what to write about. You can also develop many articles simultaneously because you have already done the necessary topic preparation.

No longer will you ever have to sit in front of a blank screen with a blank mind when searching for article topics.


  1. Thanks for your comment.
    Links also help determine your site’s rankings in Yahoo and MSN. One way to be sure you get links from these SEs is to get links from sites (or directories)that are already ranked well in them.

  2. Wow, I never used the Search It tool before, very nice.. thanks

  3. interesting article.. I like your point of view on this matter. Although there are a few points I diverge on I think you did a good job purposing your review. GJ.

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