Article Writing – 5 Top Reasons to Outsource

Writing articles and distributing them to article syndication sites is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your web site. Every article attracts visitors therefore the more articles you produce the more traffic you receive. You soon get recognized as an authority on that topic. If you don’t have the knowledge or time to write about a subject, outsource it to individuals that like to write.

Top reasons to outsource your article writing

1. Lack of passion

Most internet marketers advise starting an online business by following your passion. It’s easier to write about things you’re passionate about. Your creative juices flow freely because you are pursuing your interests. Your passion will help keep you going for many years.

Sometimes you find a niche you have no passion for but wish to pursue it because you know it will be profitable. Writing articles or producing content for the web site will be difficult. This is when you should outsource the article writing.

2. Lack of time

If you’re running an online business by yourself you’ll need to wear many hats ie web designer, internet marketer, accountant, office manager, sales person, customer service etc. There is a limited amount of time in the day to handle all these tasks. Writing several articles consumes a substantial portion of the day. Unless you are very creative and write fast you’re limited by the number of articles you can write and submit. If you outsource your article writing, it frees you up to market your site. This increases the efficiency of running your business.

3. Perform like big companies

Most small online businesses are run by an individual or several individuals. They can’t match the resources of large companies that have hundreds pf employees. Outsourcing allows small companies to compete with larger ones. It makes them appear larger than they are and retain the efficiency and expertise the larger companies enjoy.

4. Reduce costs

There are many folks who are hungry to do work at very little cost. This may have a strong passion for it and are happy to make some extra money. It could be stay-at-home Mom who has great writing skills. Contact these writer’s to outsource your article writing. You can find them by visiting forums and blogs. Enter forum+keyword in the search box and you’ll find hundreds of sites.

Workers in other countries (ie India, China, Singapore) charge much less than USA companies. If you normally charge $50.00/hour to your customers you can outsource the work for $10/hour. This cuts the overall costs of running your business and allows you to focus on core business tasks.

5. Keep up to date with changing technologies

Internet technologies change rapidly. There is always something new to learn. If you don’t keep up with the changes you may get left behind. Customers may find your business less appealing because your methods have become obsolete or ineffective. A small firm can outsource the work to keep a competitive edge. This reduces the risk of getting left


Be careful when you outsource your article writing. Ask for references and samples of their work before you sign the contract. Be clear about the fees involved and when it will be completed. Make sure you have exclusive copyrights to the article. They are working for you as a ghostwriter.

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  1. I believe time is really the most important factor in competing against big companies with good articles.

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