Content Distribution: 7 Ways to Distribute Your Content

What’s the point of creating content if only a few people read it?
How do you maximize your audience?
How can you distribute content quickly and easily?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in article marketing is writing one article and simply placing it on your blog or website. This may be fine if you already have a popular blog and a lot of loyal people who visit it. Most blogs don’t attract much traffic therefore your article won’t be read by many people.

What’s the point of creating great content if only a few people read it?

Content distribution: How do you maximize your audience?

Instead of writing hundreds of articles write one article then use multiple methods to distribute it to as wide an audience as possible. The more eyeballs that view your content the better your chances of obtaining new subscribers and/or making sales.

7 ways to distribute your content quickly and easily

1. Your blog or website

I mention this first because your blog or website should become the main hub of your content distribution. Content immediately posted on your blog will get indexed and ranked in the search engines before the same content is published elsewhere.

2. Ezinearticles

This article directory currently receives more traffic than any other directory. To obtain the maximum traffic from this directory rewrite at least 20% of your original article before submitting it. This is easily accomplished by changing the title and rewriting a few paragraphs. If you don’t have time to rewrite the content, submit it anyway because you’re reaching a different audience than the search engines and you won’t get penalized for duplicate content.

Other top article directories

After you’ve submitted the article to Ezinearticles wait for it to be approved and published before submitting the same article to several other top article directories. These include Articlesbase, Ideamarketers and Goarticles. Each of these article directories attract different audiences so your content will reach more people.

3. Social Networking

If you already have an Ezinearticles account you can integrate social media with article marketing The title of your article will automatically be tweeted on your Twitter account.

Ezinearticles also enables you to get your article listed on Facebook.EzineArticles Besides announcing your article on your own Faceboook Fan page this is another great way to expand your sphere of influence.

4. Document sharing sites

Scribd is a social publishing site, where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. Convert your original article to a PDF file and upload it to Scribd. Unlike article directories Scribd allows you to incorporate links within your content.

5. Video article

Convert your article to video by making a series of slides from your content. Import the slides into Windows Movie Maker then add music. Submit your video article to YouTube and other video sharing websites. Make sure you always include your full website address in the description meta-tag and also include it in the last slide to direct visitors back to your website.

6. Blogger

This is a public blogging platform owned by Google that is rapidly indexed by the search engines. If you already use Gmail you can simply add Blogger to your account. Every time you create new content add it to this blogging platform. Be sure to include links within the content and in your resource box that link back to your main website. This will boost the rankings of the original article you added to your blog or website.

7. Squidoo

This is a micro-blogging platform for publishing content on niche topics. It currently has a page rank of 7 which means it receives a ton of traffic and the content is rapidly indexed by the search engines. Create a Squidoo lens and add your article to it. Instead publishing the same article, rewrite it so it will not be viewed as duplicate content and receive its own rankings. Again make sure you use anchor text within your article that points back to your main website.

Writing an article is just the beginning of article marketing. Every time you write an article distribute it using these 7 methods. If you want to reach a wide audience you’ve got to get your content in front of as many people as possible.

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