Customer List Building – 7 Common Mistakes Made When Trying to Build Your Customer List

Customer List building is one of the best ways to generate a long-term income. The larger your list the more income you can make. This is because you can continue to market to the people on your list as long as they remain on it. This is in sharp contrast to a one time sales opportunity where you only have one chance to make a sale from a person visiting your website. Mistakes made during the list building process will lower your income potential.

Let’s look at the 7 common mistakes made when trying to build your customer list:

1. Badly designed landing page

Your landing page is the first interaction you have with your customers. If it’s badly designed they will leave and go elsewhere. Start with a captivating headline and then write compelling content that includes sub headlines, bullet points and a clear call to action. Your page should not be filled with distractions such as lots of graphics and links to other websites. Use plenty of white space between elements so your content will be easy to read. The purpose of the landing page is to focus your visitor on taking one action i.e. enter their name and e-mail address
into your opt-in form.

2. Not writing compelling content

If your visitor gets bored or disinterested while reading your content you will lose them. Start off by emphasizing the main benefits of signing up then reinforce those benefits by expanding them in successive paragraphs. They should be drawn through the content beginning from your main headline to your call to action. Some ways to accomplish this is by using action verbs, such as discover, get, how, etc or telling a story.

3. Not writing in a conversational manner

Write like you’re having a conversation with the person sitting opposite you. Don’t use corporate speak language by using “we” and “our.” Instead use personal pronouns such as “you” and “your” throughout your content to make it more personable. It will help break down the barriers between you and your visitor.

4. No incentive offered

Internet users at easily distracted by all the information offered on the net. They get continuously bombarded by new opportunities that promise quick money with a few mouse clicks. If you want to get people to subscribe to your list you need to offer an incentive such as a free report, webinar, consultation or software. Make sure the incentive is related to your content and is something they absolutely must have.

5. Not driving enough traffic to your opt in page

You’re not going to get many subscribers if you don’t drive traffic to your opt in page. Place a sign up form on every page of your website and include it on your blog. Use article marketing, video marketing and social marketing to drive traffic to your landing page. When commenting on forums or blogs include a link to your opt in page.

6. Lack of follow-up

Don’t make the common mistake of not following up on your subscribers or customers after they have subscribed to your newsletter or purchased your product. Sign up for a reliable autoresponder follow-up system to automatically send a series of follow-up e-mail messages. Studies have shown it takes at least 7 follow-up messages to generate a sale.

7. Lack of relationship building

To generate a continuous income from the list you must build a relationship with the customers on your list otherwise they will stop reading your content, buying your products and unsubscribe. Most people don’t want to buy from strangers so if you build a relationship of trust your customers will continue to purchase products and services you recommend. One of the best ways to build a trusting relationship is to offer a bi-weekly newsletter containing articles, tips, latest news, free reports and product recommendations.

If you avoid these 7 common mistakes when trying to build your customer list you’ll build long-lasting relationships that generate more income for your business.

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