Ebook Marketing – How to Market Your Ebook with Articles

So you’ve finally finished your ebook and are ready to release it to the public. One of the biggest problems selling your ebook is how to drive traffic to your ebook web site. A web site with no visitors is like having a store in the desert. You’re not going to make any sales.

Why is article marketing so effective?

1. Pre-sell your customer

An ad only gives you one chance to sell to your visitor unless you keep purchasing new ones. An article can contain more information than an ad. You can address all the benefits of your product or answer customers’ questions. Pre-selling the visitor prepares their minds for purchasing your product.

2. Everlasting traffic

Your article may remain on the Net forever when submitted to article directories, ezines and other online publications. If it attains and retains first page rankings in the search engines it will continue to drive traffic to your web site for many years. This means you can generate ongoing sales of your ebook automatically resulting in passive income.

3. Generate lots of backlinks

Backlinks are sites that link to your web site. The quality and quantity of backlinks determine your search engine rankings. A link from a high traffic web site means some of this traffic will get redirected to your site. Place 2 links in your resource box..one with your full web site address and the other containing the link text (anchor text).

Your rankings will increase in proportion to the number of articles you write and submit.
Always include your resource box but vary your anchor text so it doesn’t look like you are just trying to get links.

Submit your articles to the top article directories and niche publications.

4. Attractive headline

The headline is the first thing your readers see. It should encapsulate the content of your article. Here’s a couple of suggestions:

Ask a question that captures the interest of your reader. ie
“How to Market Your Ebook with Articles.”

Provide one clear benefit in your headline ie
” 7 ways to increase sales letter conversion rates”

Points 5-7 can be read in my next post

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