How To Feature a YouTube Video Across All The Videos On Your Channel

  • Do you want to feature a specific YouTube video
    across all the videos on your channel?
  • Do you want your video to correctly display
    on all mobile devices?

Unlike regular annotations, InVideo Programming allows you to promote both your channel and any one of your videos on YouTube across all your uploads.

Here are the steps to feature one of your
videos across all of your videos:

Watch the video below

  • Log in to your YouTube channel
  • Click on your profile
  • Click on Creator Studio
  • Click on Channel
  • Click on InVideo Programming
  • Here it says “feature one of your videos or playlists across all of your videos”
  • Click on Feature A Video or Playlist
  • Here you can select your “most recent upload” or you can check “choose a video or playlist”
  • Here you’ve got all your uploads
  • Select any of your uploads or you can select any of your playlists or you can enter a YouTube URL or playlist URL in the box here.
  • In this case I am going to select one of my uploaded videos “How to promote your product or service on YouTube”.
  • Click “save” and here is my featured video…“How to promote your product or service on YouTube” and this is going to show on all of my uploads.
  • And here you can select display time, custom start can start at a particular time or we can show it at the end of the video.
  • In this case I am going to do a custom start time. I’ll show it after 30 seconds
  • Also you can check this “optimize the timing” Here it says “If selected, YouTube will try to choose the best time to show your promotion, based on past viewer behavior.”
  • So I check that. Here you can put a custom message. In this case I put “Want to promote your product?”
  • Click “update”
  • Let’s check one of my videos to see how it appears.
  • Here you can see I’ve got my featured video here on the bottom left hand corner starting at 30 second mark.
  • It will display for about about 15 seconds so place it in the appropriate place in your video.
  • When you click on the banner it takes you to your promoted video.

The beauty of this feature is that your featured video will show across all the videos on your channel. Unlike regular annotations it will also be viewable on mobile devices.

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