Follow-up Autoresponder – Top 3 benefits of following up on your customers

One of the main success strategies for creating and maintaining a business is to relentlessly follow-up on your customers. Recently I asked 3 contractors to provide free estimates to paint my house. Only one out of 3 showed up at the scheduled time. The other 2 didn’t even bother to reschedule. The one who kept his commitment got the job.

Are you keeping your commitments and following up on your customers?

Top 3 benefits of following up on your customers

1. Stand out from the crowd

Most people don’t follow-up on potential clients because it requires a little extra effort. If you are the one that implements this strategy in your business you will stand out from the crowd.

2. Generate more sales

Only a small percentage will purchase your product the first time they see it. These are usually impulse buyers or someone who knows exactly what they want.

Some of the reasons not to buy may include:

  • not interested
  • distracted by other activities
  • product doesn’t meet their needs at this time
  • intend to purchase it later
  • want to think about it

Many times a potential customer is not in the correct frame of mind to purchase right away. They may need more time to research the product. Even though customers may intend to return to your sales page most forget about it and never return. This is why you need to create a follow-up system to remind them about your product. One of the best ways to automate this process is to use an autoresponder system. It will enable you to automatically build a list of potential clients and follow-up with them by sending a series of pre-scheduled messages.

3. Build lifelong relationships

Most business owners concentrate on front end sales. They could make more sales from repeat customers. To get repeat customers you need to build a relationship with them. To build this relationship you have to stay in touch with them. To maintain the relationship they need to understand the benefits. This can be accomplished by offering discounts, coupons, tips and the latest news about your products. Follow-up communication can be achieved with your autoresponder. For instance you could send a new coupon every week for 52 weeks via your follow-up autoresponder. Once it’s set up you can forget about it. It’s like having a virtual employee who works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and never complains.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, generate more sales and build lifelong relationships make sure you follow up on your customers.

They’ll be glad you did!

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