Google Keyword Tool Changes and What To Do About It!

google keyword tool
Google announced it will be retiring it’s popular Keyword Research Tool soon and will replace it with Keyword Planner which will only be available if you open an AdWords account. The new tool is designed to make it easier for advertisers to create new campaigns and ad groups from within the planner.

Google hasn’t yet announced the final date but when you try to access the access the tool you’ll see the message:

“In the coming months, the external Keyword Tool will no longer be available. To get keyword ideas, sign in to your AdWords account and try Keyword Planner.”

The Problem With Google’s Keyword Tool

People assume that keyword importance is the same across all sites. Targeting only keywords from the Google Keyword Tool means they are often targeting the wrong keywords.

A better way to target keywords is to target suggestions because different keywords generate different actions and reactions depending on the site you are using.

What are keyword suggestions?

These are suggested keywords and keyword phrases that appear when you enter a specific keyword in the search box of Amazon, Google, YouTube, Yahoo or Bing. For instance when you enter “camping” in Amazon’s search box a drop down appears displaying suggestions such as:

camping in sports and outdoors
camping in tools & home improvement
camping in patio, lawn & garden
camping in home & kitchen
camping tents
camping gear
camping equipment
camping stove

When I enter “camping” into the Google Keyword Tool Search Box to get these suggestions:

camping world
camping in Virginia
camping in Maryland

As as you can see keyword suggestions that appear on Amazon are different to the ones that are displayed on Google. It depends on the search tool you use. Therefore don’t just use one tool to find the keywords that work best for your target market.

Note: These search engine giants don’t just randomly generate these keyword suggestions. Instead they want to provide the best suggestions for their users.

So instead of using the exact same keyword tool as everybody else is using (ie Google Keyword Tool) find the terms each of these sites suggest as most important. The keywords will then more accurately reflect the actual people who are searching these sites.

How to use search suggestions in your business

Search suggestions tell you what’s hot on a specific site. The keywords generated by one tool (ie Google Keyword Tool) are not “one size fits all.”

For example…

  • Google Users are searching for information
  • Amazon Users want to buy something
  • YouTube Users watch videos (entertainment, how to do something, etc)

Amazon Example
Find the keywords Amazon suggests to buyers that want to buy Kindle books, print books and use these keywords to title your own Kindle Books. This will increase your potential sales.

Tip: If the same keyword or keyword phrase is displayed across 3 different search engines (ie Amazon, Google, YouTube) you could publish a book, write a blog post and create a video using the same keyword.

Other uses for keyword search suggestions:

  • Idea Generators
  • Book Titles
  • Blog Post Titles
  • Article Ideas
  • AdWords Ad Ideas
  • Video Titles
  • Keyword Tags
  • Email Subject Lines

Use YouTube’s keyword suggestions to discover the topics actual viewers are searching on then use those keywords to title your videos.

My Final Thoughts

Instead of using the same keyword tool as everybody else, differentiate yourself by utilizing keyword suggestions from different tools (ie Amazon suggestions for selling Amazon Books).

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