How Do YouTubers Make Money Without Ads (and make it faster)

Are you frustrated that you’re unable to generate adsense income from YouTube videos because you don’t meet the requirements of the YouTube partner program in the past 12 months of 4,000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers?

Don’t worry because in the video below I’ll show you 7 ways how YouTubers make money without ads. You’ll not only make more money but you’ll make it faster!

1. Affiliate Marketing
This is probably one of the popular ways to generate revenue from your YouTube channel without Adsense ads. Typically you signup for an affiliate program related to your niche and then you can make a 30%, 50% or more commission. Examples of affiliate programs you can sign up for are Amazon Associates, ClickBank, JVzoo, Walmart, etcetera.

2. Sell your own products and services.
The beauty about selling your own products and services is that you make 100% commissions, the downside is that you have to create the product and all the marketing materials. Another great benefit of selling your own products is that you can get affiliates to promote your product.

You also don’t need a ton of subscribers for your YouTube channel, for example, to sell a 100 page eBook called Tube Boot Camp, that’s a comprehensive YouTube marketing guide. I also sell a video ads course at

3. Consulting
This is where you can offer one-on-one help for your expert services. If you have a skill or area of expertise, you can offer it to your viewers.

4. Video services.
You spend a lot of time creating, editing and optimizing videos as well as creating graphics for your YouTube thumbnails. You can offer video marketing services to local businesses by helping them set up a YouTube channel, creating videos and creating graphics for their thumbnails. For example, I sometimes create review videos for local businesses.

5. Brand deals and sponsorships.
Brands often pay you to do a review about their product or service. They want to expose their product to your audience. For example, I did a review video for Videoblocks and got paid hundreds of dollars.

6. Crowdfunding
This is where viewers might pay you in return for offering valuable content. An example of this service is Patreon.

A good example of a person using this service is Peter Hollens. Here you can see his different tiered memberships.

7. Generate leads or build an email list
Five million videos are watched on YouTube every day so it gets a ton of traffic. By having a YouTube channel and creating lots of videos, you can siphon off that traffic to build an email list. The way to do this is to offer something for free in exchange for contact information, you can then send a series of email follow-up messages via order responder. You can then recommend your products and services that will offer solutions to their problems.

Now you know 7ways how YouTubers make money without ads.

Let me ask you an important question…how are you currently making money from your YouTube videos? Post your answer in the comments below. I’d love to read them and I’m sure others would too.

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