How To Get Referrals Fast – Top 7 Ways

Every business always needs new referrals to keep it going and growing. If you stop marketing you may run out of work. One of the biggest problems with running a service business is when you get busy with new clients you stop promoting. So when you’ve finished your current project you suddenly have no more work and therefore no income.

So how do you keep getting new referrals when you’re busy working on other projects?

Top 7 ways how to get referrals fast

1. Search engine optimization

More people use the Internet than the yellow pages to find a service-based business. If you want your business to get found your website should appear on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo. If it’s listed on the second page or beyond you’re not going to be found. Make sure your website is optimized for the search engines by placing your main keywords in the title meta tag and in your web copy. Write a powerful description for your description meta tag so visitors want to click through to you site.

The second most important factor for obtaining high rankings is link building. The quality and quantity of links pointing back to your website will determine how high your site will rank.

Don’t worry if your site doesn’t currently have first page rankings. Devote some time to link building every day so you’ll see steady progress.

2. Pay per click advertising

You can get on the first page of Google if you are willing to pay for it. Google ads are listed on the right side of the search engine results. Advertisers pay for each click they receive to their ad. If the business you receive from these ads exceeds your investment it will be worthwhile.

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3. Article marketing

A well written article can be more powerful than an ad because you are not limited by the amount of content. It enables you to write more in-depth about the subject than short ad copy. By submitting your article to article directories and ezine publishers you reach a larger and different audience than people visiting the search engines.

I’ve acquired many new referrals based on the articles I’ve written.

4. Social media

Instead of chasing after referrals use social media sites where millions of people gather every day. Set up accounts on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Every time you create new content announce it on these sites. This helps build a community of people interested in what you have to say and help you get new referrals.

5. Blogging

Use your blog as the main hub for your online presence. Make it a habit to post valuable content on it several times a week so it rapidly gets indexed by the search engines and build a community of followers who benefit from reading your content. A blog containing lots of unique content helps position you as an expert in your field.

6. Newsletter

People are easily distracted these days because they are constantly checking multiple devices to interact and consume information. To get noticed you need to continuously interact with them (become their friend) by providing helpful information. An online newsletter sent weekly or bi-weekly enables you to consistently interact with your subscribers and help them to build and market their business.

My Marketing Tips Newsletter has become a constant source of new referrals. Some subscribers only contact me after reading it for several years.

7. Over deliver

A great way to get new referrals is to over deliver on what you promised. For instance instead of just designing a new website (outlined in the proposal) you optimize and market the site in the search engines resulting in instant sales.

I often gain new referrals from customers referring me to their friends because of the great service they received.

Let me know the top ways you get new referrals fast for your online business by leaving a comment in the box below.

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