How To Set Up An In-stream Video Remarketing Campaign In Google Adwords

YouTube Remarketing is a powerful and cost-effective way to show ads to people who have already interacted with your YouTube videos or YouTube Channel.

  • You can then re-engage them with your offers.
  • It remind’s people about your product or service
  • It builds deeper relationships with them
  • It reduces the cost of your video ads

Here are the steps to set up an In-stream Video
Remarketing campaign in Google AdWords

Watch the video below…

  • Log into your Google Adwords account
  • Click “shared library”
  • Under audiences click “view”
  • Now you’ve got to add a remarketing tag to your website
  • All you do is add an email address and adwords will send it to your address
  • Ok here’s is the email “welcome to remarketing with Google”
  • It says “tag your website…place the Google remarketing tag
    on all pages of your website.”
  • So you grab the html code then add it to your website
    (before the last body tag)
  • Now you’re ready to set up your remarketing list
  • I’ve already added 2 lists…one for “all visitors” and
    one for “viewed an video from a channel”
  • Now you should see “video remarketing” under shared library on the left
  • Click “video remarketing”..then you can create a list
  • So just click on “remarketing list”
  • Now select one of these options here ie…”viewed any video from a channel”
  • Select your channel
  • Enter a name for your remarketing list
  • Duration can be 30 days or 540..put 540 in there
  • Status…open means that new visitors are still being added
    to a particular remarketing list
  • Closed means that no new visitors are added to the remarketing
    list so I want to keep it open
  • Initial list size..include users from last 30 days..start with an empty list..just put in the last 30 days
  • Then “create list”
  • As you can see here I’ve already got a lists…”viewed video from channel”
  • After you’ve created a list you’re ready to set up a campaign ad
  • Next we create a new campaign that includes that list
  • Just go to campaign and select “video”
  • Enter all your settings
  • Once you’ve added all your settings you go to click “video targeting”
  • Click “remarketing”
  • Click the red Remarketing box
  • Choose your ad group …in-stream then give your list a name.
  • You just choose a list
  • Here we’ve got this size 56,000…”viewed an video from a channel”
  • Then just move it over to the right (next box)
  • Then click “save” and you’re done

That’s it…you’ve just created your first YouTube
Video Remarketing campaign

Here are 3 important things to keep in mind…

  1. A remarketing list must have at least 100 users within the last 30 days
    before you can show your ad to people on the list.
  2. Your remarketing message won’t be shown to people
    who are not on the list.
  3. Create a specific video ad that targets the people on your remarketing list.

If you want to learn how to set-up your first Video Remarketing Campaign in Google Adwords, download my Remarketing Cheat Sheet at:

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