How To Trim The Middle Section Of A YouTube Video Without Losing Views, Comments Or Rankings

Do you want to trim the middle of an existing video
on YouTube without creating a new one?

Do you want to keep your current views
that you’ve accumulated over time?

YouTube’s video editor allows you to trim, cut and edit the middle section of your YouTube video without losing any views, comments and keeping your existing URL.

Watch the video below….

Here’s How To Cut Out Middle Section Of A YouTube Video

  • Go to your video manager
  • Select the video that you wish to edit
  • Click edit
  • I want to edit out a logo that starts playing at 1.04
  • Here’s the logo that starts playing at 1.04….ends at about 1.13
  • So to trim out that section..I just click on “enhancements”
  • Click “trim”
  • Now you’ll be inside the YouTube video editor
  • Move the scrubber up to 1.04
  • Click “split”
  • Then I want to move the scrubber up to 1.13
  • Click split again
  • Then click the “X” to delete that middle section
  • Click “done” to confirm the changes
  • Let’s check if that section has been cut out
  • Go up to 1.04 and then see that the logo has disappeared
  • So after you’ve trimmed out the middle section you can revert to the original.
  • You can save it as a new video but you don’t want to save it as a new video because I want to maintain the views, the comments, the URL and I also want to maintain my rankings in the search engines.
  • So I just click “save”
  • It says “this might take a while..while edits are processed users will continue to see the current version of your video”
  • Click “save”
  • Here it says “edits in progress”
  • It says “sit tight your video edits are being processed.
  • Come back to this page in a little while”
  • So then come back to this page in a little while and see
    if that middle section has been removed.
  • Go up to the 1.04 can see that the logo section has been cut out
  • Now I can go into my info and settings
  • I can also create a new title..”leads tunnel review..
    how to generate leads directly from Facebook”
  • Click “save changes”
  • Now you can see I’ve got a new title to my existing video. The views have remained the same, the comments remain the same, the URL remains the same and I won’t have lost my rankings in the search engines.

That’s it!

Now you know how to trim the middle section of a video
on YouTube without losing views, comments or rankings.

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