RSS Content Builder – Increase Web Site Traffic Automatically

If you want to provide fresh content for your web pages automatically
consider purchasing a copy of RSS Content Builder.

8 Top Benefits of RSS Content Builder

1. Increase web site traffic

Creating newly updated content for your web site makes the search engines visit your site more often.

2. Search engine friendly

The RSS feeds can be created in JavaScript or PHP. PHP is best because the search engines can spider PHP files. They do not spider JavaScript files.

3. Pages write their own content

RSS feeds allow you to choose what type of content you want on your web pages. You can make sure it is targeted to the topic on your site.

4. Create different types of feeds for all your web pages.

Instead of syndicating a feed from one site you can syndicate feeds from many different sites. This allows you to have a wide range of content.

5. Open RSS feeds in a pop-up window

Customize how you want the feeds to appear on your web pages. You don’t even have to know HTML or CSS to do this.

6. Return visitors

Because visitors will see fresh content every time they visit your site they will want to return more often.

7. Saves time

Content is syndicated to your site automatically allowing you more free time to focus on other areas to build your business.

8. Easy installation

You can easily add RSS feeds to your web sites from the control panel.

Making Making Tip

Create several sites using RSS Content Builder to automatically feed them, then monetize the sites with affiliate programs and AdSense Ads.

This will give you another income stream that supports your business.

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