Increase Your Client List: 4 Tips for Getting More Opt In Sign Ups

For many years I put off client list building because I couldn’t see or understand the significance of doing it. Instead I concentrated on generating quick sales from cold contacts. These were first time visitors to my website or blog. It wasn’t until I started a bi-weekly newsletter that I realized how important it was to stay in touch with your clients. By sending out valuable business building tips every 2 weeks I was able to build long term relationships with people on my list. These customers often purchased products or services I recommended in my newsletter because I had won their trust. Most people don’t like to buy from strangers.

How to get more opt in sign ups to increase your client list

1. Send traffic to your opt in page

To build your list you need to use every opportunity to send people to your opt in sign up page. For example link to your opt-in page from your blog, social media sites, forum signatures and articles. One very effective method I implemented on my blog was adding Pop-Up Domination. It’s a small unobtrusive opt in form that pops up for few seconds every 7 days asking you to subscribe to to my free report…”7 habits of Highly Effective Traffic Generation”

2. Create an irresistible offer

Just asking people to sign up to your list won’t motivate them. You need to offer an incentive such as a free report, free software or a free consultation. A free report doesn’t have to be 100 page e-book. It can be as simple as a 3 page report as long as it contains valuable information a person needs or wants.

3. Place an opt in form on every page

Instead of just placing an opt in form on your home page insert it on every page of your website to increase opportunities for more sign-ups. If a visitor enters your website from one of your internal pages they will still have the opportunity to opt in.

4. Give your reader only one option

When designing your landing page or squeeze page avoid distracting your reader by including links to other pages or websites. The only option should be to get them to fill in their name and e-mail address in your opt in form.

Once you’ve got people on your list follow-up on them to gain their trust. This can be as simple as creating a bi-weekly newsletter, an e-course or just sending them great tips every week. Increasing your client list is a great way to generate more income.

Start building your list today!

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