LastPass Review – The Last Password You Will Ever Need To Remember

  • Are you sick and tired of trying to
    remember all your online passwords?
  • Do you worry about a hacker gaining access
    to all accounts on your computer?
  • Want to save time by just remembering one Master Password?
  • Want to quickly access all your accounts
    across all your devices?

Watch My Review of LastPass

Since the year 2000 I’ve created 100s of passwords to log in to different accounts online. I often used the same password for every account thus making my accounts vulnerable to hackers.

Whenever I cleared my browser cache and cookies I’d lose all my login passwords and need to refer to my excel spreadsheet to find them again…a huge waste of time.

If I tried to access my accounts from another computer I’d often waste time trying to remember what passwords I used..usually making several attempts to find the correct one.

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience. If so, the best solution is to sign up for LastPass…a secure password manager.

Here Are The Top 3 Benefits For Using LastPass

1. Saves time

Instead of having to remember multiple passwords of different accounts you simply remember one password…the Master password to access your LastPass account. You also have to ability to sync your LastPass account across all your mobile devices whether it’s a tablet, mobile phone or your computer.

2. Super simple and fast

I got tired of creating a new password for each new account then inserting the info into an excel spreadsheet in case I forgot it. LastPass displays a password generator every time you login(as a pop-up). This helps you to instantly create a secure password for any account and stores it in a vault for safe keeping. This makes password creation and management super simple and fast.

3. Robust security

Most computer users utilize the same password for multiple accounts. If someone hacked into your computer and discovered your main password he or she could possibly hack into all your accounts and steal your identity and/or your credit card information.

Even if one password is compromised, the rest of your data and accounts remain secure with LastPass because each one is unique. You can also use this tool to export your passwords and information to a hard drive or USB memory device to keep track of all your information.

Top 5 Features

1. Password Generator

Whenever you sign up for a new account of any kind whether it’s Email Facebook, Twitter, etc LastPass will generate the password for you with it’s password generator. It automatically creates a secure password using a random combination of unique letters and numbers. This makes it easy to remember complex passwords.

2. Automatically fill out online forms with your personal data

The auto-fill feature makes filling out online forms fast and efficient. No longer will you have to re-type your name, address and information because it’s stored in the LastPass vault.

3. Access your password from any device

As long as you have an internet connection you can access your password manager from any device. You just need to remember your master password then no matter where you are, you’ll be able to access all your information, passwords and accounts quickly and efficiently.

4. Import login information from other password managers

Even if you have all your login information stored in various password managers on your computer (ie Firefox password manager) LastPass has the ability to smoothly import them from more than 20 different programs. This makes setting up your account a breeze.

5. Sync passwords across all browsers

With LastPass you can create random, non-guessable passwords and forget about them. After you’ve set-up your account you can access your password manager from any computer no matter what browser or operating system you’re using.

Are there any disadvantages?

It’s not really a major one but you DO have to pay for the premium version however it only costs $1.00/month or $12.00/year. This is a small price to pay for the extra benefits you receive.

LastPass Premium Benefits Include:

  • Gain access to all of their mobile apps for smartphones and tablets so you can manage your data from anywhere at anytime.
  • Multifactor authentication adds an extra layer of security
  • Run LastPass from a USB thumb drive, so you can access your data from any computer even if it’s not your own.

My strong recommendation

Don’t be a sitting duck!

Create strong passwords using LastPass. It’s the easiest, fastest and most secure way is access all your accounts online. You just need to remember one master password which allows access [your passwords] from wherever you are – just login to your account!

Create your LastPass account NOW at:

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