Link Building Strategies – Analyze competing web sites

If you wish to rank well for your web site you need to study your competitors. The top ranked sites have often been around for years and have built a lot of incoming links from a variety of sources.

How to analyze the links of the top 10 web sites:

1. Find the top 10 web sites in Google

Google is the most popular search engine and returns the most web sites for a search, therefore websites that rank at the top in Google are well worth analyzing. Do a search on Google for your most completive keywords and make a list of the top 10 websites on the page. Do the same for less competitive keywords, particularly if you did not get enough information from the previous exercise.

2. Analyze each of the top 10 websites in your industry

Here is a list of the type of searches you can do to find web sites that may link to your web site that may be related to yours and share the same keywords:

“Suggest link” +”keyword”

“Suggest a link” +”keyword”

“Suggest site” + “keyword”

“Suggest a site” + “keyword”

“Suggest URL” +”keyword”

“Suggest a URL” +”keyword”

“Add link” +”keyword”

“Suggest an URL” +”keyword”

“Add a link” +”keyword”

“Add site” +”keyword”

“Add a site” +”keyword”

“Add URL” +”keyword”

“Add a URL” +”keyword”

“Add an URL” +”keyword”

“Submit link” +”keyword”

“Submit a link” +”keyword”

“Submit site” +”keyword”

“Submit a site” +”keyword”

“Submit URL” +”keyword”

“Submit a URL” +”keyword”

“Submit an URL” +”keyword”

“favorite links” +”keyword”

“cool sites” +”keyword”

“cool places” +”keyword”

directory +”keyword”

directorys +”keyword”

directories +”keyword”

“your location” +”add url”

“your location” +directory

“your location” +”submit site”

“recommended links” +”keyword”

“your location” +”suggest a site”

3. Find directories your competitors have submitted to

Do a backlink check on competing sites. You will often find a number of specialized directories where your competitors have submitted a link to. After compiling a list of these directories from a few top ranked web sites, submit your own web site to these same directories. This will help increase the number of incoming links to your website and boost your search engine rankings.


To find the backlinks for competing web sites or your own, enter.. link: in the Yahoo search box. It will find the links within your web site (internal links) and the web sites that are linking to yours (external links).

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