Link Building Strategies – Generating Backlinks from Forums

A great free method for building links to your web site is participating in forums. Be careful not use this method as a way of blatantly advertising your product or service.

7 top ways to use forums to increase link popularity.

1. Choose 3 very active forums

Find a forum that has thousands of entries. Check the dates of the forum entries. If you don’t see replies to forum posts for the same day choose a different forum. An active forum is one where you receive almost instantaneous replies.

2. Stay on topic

Choose a forum that fits with the topic of your web site. It’s no use subscribing to a forum about gardening if the content on your web site is about camping

3. Be an active forum participant

Spend time reading past forum entries. It will give you some idea of what people are talking about and what the responses are. Observing the questions people are asking on the forum will help you to generate answers from your own knowledge base.

4. Write quality posts

A post that is well thought out and provides useful information will generate a far greater response than one line answers. People are looking for valuable information that answers their questions. After reading your informative post, they may want to subscribe to your newsletter or purchase your product.

5. Create a well written resource box.

Forums allow you to leave a link at the bottom of your post. Some forums even allow a description. Make sure you always include the link back to your web site as this is where forum visitors can interact with you. The description should be enticing and attractive but not be a blatant promotion.

6. Be consistent

Make a point of visiting the forum(s) on a regularly basis. Forum participants will begin to recognize that you always write informative posts and will immediately check out what you have to say.

7. Become an authority

Overtime you may become known as an authority on your subject matter by the number and quality of posts you have made on the forum. This is ideal because in the spirit of giving you will often receive a lot in return. In your case it may be selling lots of products by becoming an active participant in a forum.


A forum is a great place to ask and answer questions, meet other people in your field and generate new ideas.
An added benefit is the ability to generate continuous backlinks to your web site through your active participation.


  1. Another thing worth mentioning is that you understand the rules of the forum, too. Someone that comes in blasting with a URL is like someone that “drops into your family picnic and starts trying to sell you a knife set.”

    Just be respectful to the members and the forum owners.

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