List Building – Top 7 Benefits of Creating an Effective Newsletter

What if all your web site traffic relied on getting traffic from the search engines?

It’s fine as long as you don’t lose your high rankings or are making a profit from pay per click campaigns but what if your rankings suddenly disappear and you can’t afford the cost per click?

Building a large newsletter list will safeguard your business because you create long term relationships with your customers.

Here are some other benefits of list building:

1. Make instant sales

With one click you can send a sales message to your entire list and make immediate sales.

2. Allow you to contact your subscribers several times

Most people don’t buy after one contact with them because you haven’t had time to build a trusting relationship. By touching them several times with great information you win their trust so they be more inclined to purchase your products or follow your recommendations.

3. Gain authority status

Providing continuous information that helps subscribers build their business will convince people you are an authority on your subject.

4. Find out what your market wants

Surveying your list enables you to quickly find out the types of information, products and tools they desire. You can then create products that satisfy their desires.

5. Viral marketing

If your newsletter contains high quality information, your subscribers will tell their friends about it. The viral affect of this happening will grow your list quickly. Make sure you ask your subscribers to tell their friends about your newsletter.

6. Build a community

Newsletter readers can receive more in-depth information than people just reading your web pages. They are also the first ones to receive your articles and special discounts. You spend time getting to know their needs, wants and desires to build a community of followers.

7. Generate repeat traffic to your web site or blog

Instead of people only visiting your web site once, you can bring them back repeatedly through your newsletter. People who purchased from you, are more likely to buy from you again than new customers. A newsletter helps you to stay in touch with them.
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