Match Web Page Content with Meta Tags

When web site owners try to tackle search engine optimization (SEO) themselves they often make some serious mistakes.
They erroneously believe their version of SEO will boost their rankings, attract more traffic and increase sales or subscriptions.

One major mistake is not including the most targeted keywords in both the meta tags and web page content.

Do keyword research first

Research the most popular keywords that will be written into the content of your web page. Ideally you need to find keywords that get a lot of searches but are not too completive.

Use the free SEO tools in Search It for your keyword research

Step 1 Select the brainstorming tool
Step 2 Select the Google AdWords tool to find all related keywords
Select the free Wordtracker tool to display the top 100 searches for any of the related keywords
you chose from the Google AdWords tool.

Now you should have a good list of your the most targeted keywords to incorporate in both your meta tags and web page content.

Meta Tags to include in your web page

1. Title Meta Tag

The title tag is the most important meta tag. Your most important keywords or keyword phrase should be placed at the beginning of the title tag. Don’t get carried away by including all your keywords here. You should focus on only 2-3 keywords or one keyword phrase per page otherwise you will dilute your ranking potential for that web page.

2. Description Meta Meta Tag

This meta tag displays the description of your web page in the search engines. It’s therefore imperative to write a short paragraph that will make your visitors want to enter your web site. Include keywords in this paragraph but don’t use the same ones as you used in the title tags.

3. Keywords Meta Tag

This meta tag has little significance anymore for most of the major search engines because site owners inserted hundreds of keywords in it to get good rankings. Some smaller search engines still use it to rank web pages therefore it’s a good idea to still include it within your code. Simply include your most important keywords in this meta tag separated by commas.


When writing content for your web pages don’t focus on including all your keywords. The page my not read well. It’s more significant to write content that prepares your visitors to make a purchase or subscribe to your newsletter. This is a better return on your investment (ROI).


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