My Top 7 Link Baiting Techniques

1. Good Quality Content

Visitors link to content that provides information they want to read because it is interesting, entertaining or solves a problem.

2. Submit Content to Directories

Create an article from the content on your web site and submit it to ezine publishers and article directories. Place a link to your site in the resource box of your article. When readers place the article on their web site or in their ezine you automatically get a link back to your site.

3. Create Lists

People usually scan content online because it is harder on the eyes than in the printed form. Lists help readers to quickly discern what is important to them. For example this list “My Top 7 Link Baiting Techniques” provides a fast, easy to read list that can immediately be put into action.

4. Good Web Site Design

Creating a professional designed site that is easy to read, navigate, loads fast and is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes, helps visitors want to link to your site. On the other hand a poorly designed site will prevent visitors from returning.

If you are a web site designer you can also offer free templates that contain links back to your site.

5. Free Gifts

Offer a free ebook or software tool on your web site. Include a link to your site within the ebook or software. If thousands of visitors use your tool or include the ebook on their site, ezine or newsletter you will receive thousands of incoming links to your site.

6. Participate in forums

You can include a link to your site by posting in a forum. Make sure it is informative and of value to your readers. Don’t post if your intention is simply to receive a link. Your purpose should be to answer a question from another reader or to ask your own question.

7. Contribute Comments on Others’ Blogs

Most blogs have the ability to leave comments to posts. With your comment you can also include a link back to your site. Make sure your comments are in response to the content you read on the blog. A well written comment may generate many visitors to your own web site.


If you create the right link bait on your web site you have the potential to attract thousands of links from other site owners. This will result in higher search engine rankings and ultimately help you gain more web traffic.


  1. I’ve read all your articles on link building and I really appreciate the clarity of your writing and thinking. You have demystified what has been, for me, mere techno-babble. I am already implementing your suggestions. Thank you.

    I am starting a Directory Submission service and believe this knowledge will certainly assist me in convincing my clients why it is so important to make submissions. The concept of linking to “inner” pages of a site makes so much sense, yet I had never heard of that before. Also, that changing up the keywords and phrases periodically can be helpful in creating even more links.

    One quick question – do you recommend submitting on a regular basis, i.e., monthly or every six weeks? Or is once enough?

    Angelina Huard

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