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The first few videos I created to market my local website design business were awful given the feedback I received from others. Although the comments mostly were polite and encouraging, only a few critics were honest enough to tell me what to improve. Instead of relying on feedback from other amateur video creators I decided to invest in a professional video training course created by expert video marketer…James Wedmore. The course is called “Real Marketing Insider” or RMI“.


Why RMI?

As more online marketers utilize video to market their businesses it becomes more difficult to stand out from the crowd. Videos that are a cut above the rest get better results. To achieve this it not only takes consistent practice but requires constant improvement and what better way to do this than to learn from an expert.

Top 10 benefits of RMI Video Training Course

1. Clarify your video marketing strategy

Without a clear marketing strategy you’ll be just wasting your time. Before creating your first few videos think about your purpose (ie promote your business) then develop a plan. The 31 day video strategy module inside RMI provides a strategy for you to follow.

2. Create better videos

To improve the quality of your video you need to have the correct lighting, sound equipment, editing software, know what types of cameras you can use and what mistakes to avoid. The 12 sub modules inside the “elements of video” module covers all these areas.

3. Generate traffic and conversions

These are the 2 absolutely necessary elements for marketing your business. The course teaches how to optimize your videos to generate free traffic from the search engines, how to use videos to build your list and convert them into sales.

4. Product creation

One of the best ways to make money online is to create your own products. Videos are perceived as having higher value than text therefore creating a video course to market your products and services can generate substantial income. The product creation module shows you how to identify what product to create, what to include and how to deliver your content.

5. Generate passive income with Affiliate marketing

Generating passive income is a great way to supplement your current business income because you don’t need to create your own products. The 7 day Affiliate Training Module takes you through all the steps for generating additional income by using videos to market affiliate programs.

6. Regular monthly training

Every month James Wedmore (creator of the video marketing course) hosts a webinar for RMI members presenting the best methods for making your videos more engaging as well as providing tips for generating more sales with them.

One of the best benefits offered during the webinar is the “hot seat” where James analyzes your current marketing funnel and suggests ways to “up your game.” The information received from a video marketing expert is invaluable.

A supplement to the regular monthly training is an in-depth monthly newsletter. In each issue James dissects a popular YouTube video to show you what’s working and how to implement it in your own videos. He also keeps you updated on the latest news, tips and tricks in the video marketing world.

7. Spotlight

These are case studies of people who have found success with using videos to market their businesses. You can analyze what they have done to achieve success then implement the same strategies in your own business.

8. Members forum

This is the place where you can get any question answered about video creation, production and marketing. Unfortunately the response times have been frustratingly slow. This is one of the major areas that needs improvement.

9. Resources

This is where you find all the technical equipment James recommends for shooting your videos such as lighting sources, audio recording devices, editing software, backdrop options and video storage solutions.

It also includes call-to-action bumpers, royalty free music, sales video backgrounds, video overlays, video placeholders and video templates.

A wealth of Infographics is also provided that visually displays the strategies outlined in the training modules ie video strategy, video list building, video traffic, selling with video, etc.

10. Inexpensive

I highly recommend signing up for the One Month Trial Membership for only $1.00 to experience the incredible value you get from all the material provided.

After one month you’ll be charged $49.95 per month and you can cancel your membership any time. You even get a 60-day money back guarantee.


Cons of RMI

Customer service is one of the qualities I value most for any product I purchase. I believe it’s even more important than the product itself. As I mentioned earlier response times are painfully slow both from the support tickets and replies from the forum. Sometimes support tickets even go unanswered even though RMI has support staff.

Try the course for a month or two to benefit from all the solid material. If you don’t feel you received the value promised simply cancel your subscription or stay if you receive the incredible value promised.

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