SEO Services – Top 14 Benefits of Search Engine Optimization (Part 1)

When I can’t find a product, service, business phone number or address I Google it.

How about you?

These days people are using the search engines to quickly find information. I often find it’s faster than the phone book and plus it offers more information.

This gives you a brief idea of the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for your web site.

14 Top Benefits of SEO Services

1. Boost rankings

If your site is on the 100th page of search engine results it won’t be seen by anyone. Most people will click on the sites that appear on the first page. Some may search further if they don’t have success finding the information.

2. Increase traffic

Web traffic will increase in proportion to your rankings.

3. Targeted traffic

Optimizing your web pages for specific keywords brings you traffic targeting those keywords. For instance if my main keyword phrase is “camping stoves” I will integrate that phrase throughout the content on that page. If someone types “camping stoves” into the search engines then your site may appear. Of course this will depend on the competitiveness of the term.

4. Increase sales or subscribers

A site that gains good search engine rankings and has powerful copy will produce more sales or subscribers than one that isn’t optimized.

5. Improve conversion rates

The purpose of your site is to convert visitors into buyers. Optimizing the copy on your web pages means you will only receive visitors that are interested in your specific topic then move them to purchase your product, service or subscribe to your newsletter.

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