SEO Services – Top 14 Benefits (Part 2)

6. Fast loading pages

Slow loading pages will cause your visitors to click away to your competition. Your web site must be accessible within 10 seconds
or less. Factors that will help speed up that loading of your pages include:

  • HTML/XHTML validation
  • Image optimization
  • Small number of images
  • Use CSS (cascading style sheets)
  • Limited use of tables
  • Limited use of javascript
  • Limited use of flash

7. Increase visibility internationally

Even if you only sell your product locally, if your site appears at the top of the search engines you may receive sales from all over the world.

8. Increase branding

Optimizing your site to receive worldwide visitors will help brand your business very quickly because it is getting constant exposure.

9. Increase accessibility

Optimizing your site will allow visitors to view your site with different kinds of media ie screen readers, PDAs, web enabled phones. It will also be accessible to vision impaired visitors.

10. Low costs

Search engine optimization can be more cost effective than other methods of marketing. For example you may spend 1000s of dollars on pay per click advertising with very little return. Your costs could increase substantially as the market becomes more competitive.

Organic search engine results (those that appear in the main window) receive many more visitors than pay per click ads (those that appear on right side of the window).


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