How To Control YouTube Suggested Videos

Did you know that YouTube will promote your videos via
suggested videos if you do the right things?

In the video below, you’ll 7 ways to get more views
from suggested videos on YouTube.

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What are suggested videos?

Suggested videos are a personalized collection of videos that an individual viewer may be interested in watching next, based on prior activity. They’re shown to viewers on the right side of the watch page under “Up next”. They’re also shown below the video on your mobile app and the next video in Autoplay.

For most YouTubers, it’s the number one traffic source for their channel. For my channel, the number one traffic source is search because I optimize my videos for particular keywords. When someone enters that keyword or keyword phrase in the search engines, my videos often appear on the first page.

Here’s how to check your own traffic sources in YouTube analytics…

Go to YouTube analytics, click on Traffic sources and look at one of the top traffic sources for your YouTube channel. It’s probably going to be suggested videos. If you click on suggested videos, you’ll see the titles of the videos that suggested your videos. The titles may be similar to the titles of your own videos.

Here’s a valuable tip

If you want more of your own videos to appear as suggested videos, then create more videos on similar topics.

Here are 7 ways to increase the number of videos
that are suggested by YouTube.

There are thousands of factors in the YouTube algorithm that promotes suggested videos, but I’m going to give you seven ways to increase the number of suggested videos on YouTube. Keep in mind the videos that are suggested to viewers are based upon their personal viewing experience.

For example, if an individual viewer has been watching a lot of cat videos as part of their past viewing history, then cat videos may appear as the suggested videos on the right side after they’ve watched a particular video.

1. Branded thumbnails

If someone doesn’t click on your thumbnail then they’re not going to watch your video. Try to make your thumbnail stand out from other thumbnails by using a branding element, such as a logo or your own face. Your viewers’ eyes are looking for patterns. If your thumbnails all have a similar appearance like your face or your logo, then people will know to identify that with your own channel.

Other things to keep in mind when creating your thumbnails is to use contrasting colors and bold text. When adding text, stick to the left side because if you add it to the bottom right side, the time stamp will cover that.

2. Relevant titles

Make sure your title is relevant to the thumbnail that you created. Creating the right title will get people to click on your videos. Instead of creating your own title, enter your main keyword in the Google search box. YouTube will create a list of suggested titles based on the keywords that people are entering into the search engines.

The title should speak to your target audience. For example, the title of the video on this page is “How to Control YouTube Suggested Videos. I discovered that title based upon suggestions that YouTube gave me.

3. Description and tags

Viewers will often read the description while they’re watching the video. Therefore, the first three sentences of your description should clearly tell what the video is all about. This helps increase engagement. When creating your tags, add the title of your video to the first tag. For the other tags, enter your main keyword in the YouTube search box, and look at the suggested titles. Enter those into your tags.

A great tool for finding the best tags for your YouTube videos is TubeBuddy It not only suggests the best tags to use for your videos, but will also identify the tags of your competitors which you can add to your own tags.

4. Watch time

YouTube’s algorithm is highly optimized to promote videos with long watch times. The longer a viewer watches your video, the more chances you have of your video showing up in suggested videos. If you want to increase the watch time and the audience retention of your videos, you need to create engaging videos. To achieve this, be clear about what your viewers can expect to get in the video in the first 10 seconds.

You can start off by asking a question or give a preview of what your video is going to be about. After you’ve introduced your topic, go straight into the meat of the content. Make sure you deliver a strong call to action at the end of your video for the viewer to watch the next video in your series. The more videos that viewers watch on your channel, the higher your watch time.

5. Session start times

YouTube loves channels and videos that start viewing sessions on their site. If a specific video gets people to watch similar or related videos, that video will be frequently suggested for other viewers. For example, if a viewer watches one of the videos on your playlist, your video gets credit for starting the viewing session. If you create multiple sessions start times for your videos all over the net, your videos will have a higher probability of being suggested to other videos.

YouTube says, “We surface more of what viewers like.” Therefore the longer you keep people watching your videos, the more content will get surfaced.

6. Upload frequency

It’s kind of obvious, but the more videos you upload regularly to your channel, the higher your chances that your videos will be featured in suggested videos. If you’re only publishing one video a week, you might want to increase the upload frequency to two times a week.

7. Use cards, playlist and featured content

Instead of relying on YouTube to promote your video on suggested videos on other channels based upon their viewing history, why not promote the videos on your own channel while they’re watching one of your videos.

For example, while somebody is watching one of your videos, why not add a card that links to one of your playlists. If your playlist contains a series of videos related to the video that they’re already watching, they’ll binge watch more of your videos.

You can do the same with end screens that appear in the last 20 seconds of your video. Invite viewers to watch the next video or playlist related to the video that they just finished watching.

Another way to keep people watching is to feature a video or playlist across all the videos on your channel.

When you implement these seven points, you’ll be able to control
YouTube suggested videos and get more views to your channel.

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