Article Marketing Predictions for 2010

Article Marketing Predictions 2010

Article marketing has been a proven strategy for many years to build traffic, backlinks and search engine rankings. In the beginning one article could easily generate a lot of traffic however as article marketing went main stream you had to write and publish lots more articles to stand out from the crowd.

My predictions for 2010

1. Big companies submitting to article directories

Large companies will be hiring thousands of writers to write millions of articles that will get added to article directories.

2. Article writing software increases

There are software programs that spin your article into 1000 variations. They are then submitted to the article directories. Often the content doesn’t make sense and clutter the search engines with article spam. Because of the demand, more of this type of software will get produced.

3. Search engines filtering out spam articles

When web site owners tried to build 1000s of backlinks with link farms the search engines eventually penalized these sites by removing them from the search engines. The same may happen with article spam because search engines want to return the highest quality results to their consumers.

How to prepare for 2010

1. Increase the amount of unique articles you write and publish.

If you wrote and submitted 120 articles this year, make a goal of doubling your output. Outsource the writing if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. It’s going to take more articles to generate a steady stream of traffic.

2. Write longer quality articles

Longer articles of 400-800 words receive more clicks than shorter ones (250-300 words). Ezine publishers prefer high quality articles over poorly written ones so make sure you research the material thoroughly before writing about it.

3. Be consistent

Make a plan to write and submit several articles each week instead of when you feel like it. If you can’t do this commit to one article per week. The key is to do it consistently. Think of article marketing as your advertising agent. If you stop marketing your business you’ll stop attracting business.

4. Repurpose your content

Search engines prefer to see links coming from multiple sources instead of just one source. Convert your article into audio and video content then submit it podcast directories and video sharing sites. You will reach a wider audience.

5. Monitor article statistics

Ezinearticles is the most popular article directory because it provides article reports that track click through rate, views and the keywords used to find your article. It continually provides more ways to maximize the traffic to your articles. By monitoring your statistics you can work on improving your content to you get more visitors reading it and clicking the URL in the resource box.

By making preparations based on these article marketing predictions for 2010 you’ll stay ahead of your competitors and reap the benefits in your online business.

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