Article Marketing – How to Increase Your Article Presence and Attract More Visitors

The main reason for starting my blog was to quickly and easily display my articles and to attract visitors from search engines and other web sites. Readers have the ability to interact with my articles by leaving their comments. This has worked fairly well, however there is one limitation. Visitors can’t see all your article titles without scrolling through the Sitemap page.

A solution to this problem came from Jeff Herring..more intimately known as the Article Marketing Guy

Here’s the solution for people to easily view all your articles on EzineArticles

Register the domain name…Articlesby(yourfirstname).com then redirect it to your EzineArticles Bio Page e.g.


1. Display all the articles you’ve written on EzineArticles

Whether you’ve written 100s or 1000s of articles, visitors can easily view all the content you’ve written according to article title, category, date and comments.

2. Display your author bio

Your bio is displayed at the top of the page before your articles. Be sure to include a nice photo of yourself and a well written bio so people know who you are and what expertise you have.

3. Display Business and Social Networking links

Here are the links you can include under your bio:

Author Links
Blog URL
Business URL
Personal URL
Ezine URL

Business/Social Networking Links
LinkedIN URL
FaceBook URL
Twitter URL

This gives readers quick access to all your other business properties.

4. Show people what you’ve accomplished

When people ask what do you do or how do you market your business, send them to Articlesby(yourfirstname).com They’ll automatically get redirected to your profile page on EzineArticles.

Registering a domain name that is easy to spell and remember, allows you to quickly direct people to all your articles. This increases the presence of your articles and attracts more visitors.

My next post will show you exactly where to register your domain name, and how to correctly redirect it to your EzineArticles profile page.

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