Blogging or SBI ..Which is right for your business?

Ken Envoy has been (and still is) one of biggest fans for teaching me how to build profitable web sites and how to write high quality content. His formula of pre-selling your visitor before selling to them has stayed with me throughout the years because it works very well.

Recently he wrote an article saying that blogging is the wrong choice for building a business.

Instead he advocates using SiteBuiltIt to build your business.


Because 35% of Site Build It! sites are in the Top 1% of all Web sites.

That’s pretty good proof.

As a web designer I don’t use SBI but have a main site and a blog. The purpose of my main site (static) is to offer my web design services and write long term content…articles. The blog takes more work however I enjoy writing so it’s actually a joy to do it.

Whatever you use depends on your purpose…it’s not really the tools you use but how you use them. The purpose of my blog is to freely and easily write quick posts, even articles that provide traffic to my main site and provide fresh content for visitors. The beauty of the blog is that I can spend only 15 min updating it with good content without knowing or using FTP.

I highly recommend his action guide for anyone thinking about starting a business online even if you don’t intend to use SBI.

His mantra is “don’t build a web site build a business

SBI gives you all the tools you need to research your niche, build a web site and market it to get lots of traffic. The forum is very active and helpful. The people there genuinely wish to help you build your online business.

If you’re reading this post and wish decide to go with SBI you’re lucky because he’s currently running a Mother’s Day Special where you can purchase SBI then get the second one for $100. You could give the second one to a friend or use it to build a second web site.

Check out the powerful SBI video to decide for yourself.

Why do you blog?

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